Black★Rock Shooter #4: Yomi Goes Insane

Best school counselor ever, amirite?

Here’s an fun fact: February 24, that’s today (or yesterday in Japan Standard Time) is the birthday of Kana Hanazawa, Mato’s seiyuu!

That aside… What the fuuuuuudge am I watching??!! And I’ve only been saying that about the second half of Guilty Crown as of recently, but this show totally deserves it. It’s official: the noitaminA block is designed to break our minds this season.

The episode starts with some woman with huge-ass fists of steel dragging Chariot (Kagari’s other world counterpart?) whose been beheaded and throws her underground while an eye in the sky watches. I wish I was making that last sentence up…

Anyway, in the real world, Kagari has transferred in the class and she’s now moe, at least the students think of her even though she’s foulmouthing the rest of the class. Personally, I like her now. It’s good to see that she’s not batshit crazy anymore. Also, Koha’chi seems to be back on her feet again… She must not be bothered at all by the fact that the school counselor tried to talk her down. Yomi however is bothered at that Kagari is able to stand on her own, since for some time she’s used to Kagari needing her all the time.

And Saya decides to take advantage of the situation by throwing fuel to the fire that is Yomi’s evergrowing insanity.

Saya seriously needs to get fired…

Yomi’s fears of Mato and Kagari eventually growing apart from her continues to torment her, from ruining a game of Nomopoly to lashing out at everyone over Kagari’s newfound popularity at school. Anyway, Kagari wants to make it up to Yomi for being with her and joins the cooking club to make her some sweets.

Anyway, the guy that Koha’chi had a crush on wants to apologize for her embarassment the other day. I suppose it’s either because Black★Rock Shooter killed her otherworld counterpart or maybe Saya did something to her, but Koha’chi seems to have totally dropped her crush on him.

Meanwhile, Yu apparently wants to be Yomi’s friend and tries to reach out to her by texting her and seeing if she’s doing fine. However, Yomi, who was expecting only Mato to text back, completely rejects Yu’s attempt of friendship with anger, hatred, and most of all, jealousy because she’s Mato’s friend. The show then holds on one frame for about a minute. Kagari stops by Yomi’s house to drop off cookies she made for her. Yomi, still believing that Kagari still needs her, runs to the door and lets her in.

D’awww that’s cute! There’s nothing Kagari can say that Yomi may possibly misinterpret.

O.O Ummm……

And this is pretty much the final nail of the coffin for Yomi’s sense of sanity and thus has hit her breaking point as her other world counterpart, Dead Master, awakens and Black★Rock Shooter starts fighting her.

The average watcher’s reaction.

Sweet Jesus, Everybody’s losing their minds. Now Yomi’s going yandere… And this is just the halfway point!!

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