Guilty Crown #18: The Rise of Gai Tsutsugami

“…I guess I’d better trade this in and buy the hands-free version.”

I actually feel kinda sad for the guy. The people he led betrayed him, his best friend cut his right arm off and took his powers. I would go on ahead and say that he had it coming, but damn, I don’t think he had all this coming.

The episode starts where we last left off, with Shu being reduced to nothing but a screaming, bloody wreck who is short one arm. Kill-’em-All Daryl and his team has recieved orders to protect Gai,  which Daryl is not happy to hear about. Anyway, a U.N. airship has arrived to drop nukes on them. So Gai draws out Nanba, Sudou, and Ritsu’s Void all at once and fuses them into a kamikaze missile and uses it to destroy the airship, thus killing those students.

Yeah, fuck him up!!!!!!!! Go, Scyth–

*stumbles out of chair* …You GHQ bastards, you killed Scythe-tan… Oh…. You GHQ bastards, you killed Scythe-tan!!!

I need a moment…

Okay, I’m done. *takes a deep breath* So when Ayase, Tsugumi and Argo try to ask Gai what he’s doing, one of the units target them. Daryl, not wanting to put up with this shit anymore, stops them. So I guess Daryl is a good guy now. Cool. But I’m still not supporting Tsugumi/Daryl. It just won’t work, people!! Amidst the confusion, Inori grabs Shu and gets outta there, and Arisa gets to join Ward 24 (That’s Gai’s team). God, what a bitch…

Meanwhile, outside the coast of Japan, a U.N. sea fleet is approaching Japan in order to eradicate the virus, only for the entire fleet to get blown to Hell by a Leucocytes satellite. Oh yes, a Leucocytes satellite, as in one of 256 surrounding the entire world! So Gai issues a warning to the world that if anyone tries to get in his way will get blasted by a satellite.

Wait a minute… How does Gai suddenly have a shit-ton of kill sats and yet no one noticed this until now? Why has Kenji suddenly reappeared out of nowhere and is operating them? How come both Segai and Gai pose more of a threat than Keido, who is the supposedly established Big Bad? What the hell is the Daath Organization and why are they supporting Ward 24? What does Gai need Inori for? How come it’s 2039 and yet not one device for the disabled exist? How come this show never explain shit? How come Arisa’s such a slut? Why did Scythe-tan have to die?

OK, you know what, screw it. I’m past the point where I should just accept whatever’s not explained and just go along with it.

Anyway, it seems that Haruka went through with all this so that Shu can be set free from the Void Genome. Yeah, you revived your stepson’s best friend and have him cut off his arm. Stepmother of the year, folks. Meanwhile, Segai (purposefully) loses a game of chess to Shinbugi so that he can see Gai.

So I had this weird theory that Keido is actually Kurosu, which the picture on the left proved wrong. What’s even more interesting is that even 10+ years ago, Keido still had that Old Snake porn ‘stache.

Old Man Kuhouin shows up to tell Arisa that Gai only cares about achieving his goals and is not interested in women (But wooing them is fine.) and that she’s delusional into thinking that he’ll ever return her feelings. And so he gets a moment of badass by killing a couple of the soldiers. Then, right before he’s about to dispose of his whorebag granddaughter, she fatally shoots him. Damn…

Inori goes yandere again and is about to give Shu a blowjob before he stops her and makes her come back to her senses. Remember: Inori is Mana’s clone, Mana is Shu’s sister, Shu and Inori are the supposedly official couple of the series. Think about that for a moment. Anyway, Arisa is pretty pissy over that Gai wants Inori, mainly because she wants to be the one to ride his dick. So it turns out Inori and Mana has some sort of Jekyll and Hyde thing going on. Mana tells her that she’s just a monster with a fake heart, but Inori remembers something that Shu told her that she’s herself or some shit like that.

Inori tells Shu that she’s going to confront the GHQ by herself before knocking him out and kissing him goodbye. She turns herself over and–

SWEET MERCIFUL CRAP!!!! She turned into some X-Men mutant thing. Wait, how did she do– …Nevermind. So Mutant!Inori starts wrecking through the Ghosts, going all like “Who cares if I’m a monster?” But Gai takes her down using Yu’s (That’s the bushy-browed blond kid’s real name) Void, which is a big-ass bow whose arrows restrains whatever it hits.

Shu wakes up, only to find both Inori gone and a new determination…

Y’know the only way this can all come to an end is if the UN succeeds in blowing up Japan. They’re the real heroes here.

I’ll always remember you, Scythe-tan… Always. 😦

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