Black★Rock Shooter #5: “Do you want to save Yomi?”

You Will Be Unprepared

I just realized something about Black★Rock Shooter. It’s like Sucker Punch, but actually pretty good and not as confusing… and even more disturbing. Like, I think I’m gonna lose my mind once this show ends…

So it starts off with Black★Rock Shooter fighting Dead Master and her minions while Black★Gold Saw watches from a distance.

Meanwhile, Mato and Yu are visiting Yomi before school. Her mother tells them to go away, but Yomi still comes down to greet them nonetheless. Yomi gives Yu a bracelet like the one she made Mato, only upon closer inspecion we see that Yomi crafted this using hair. Weird… Only later we learn that this was her own hair as during collage-making class, Yomi grabs a pair of scissors and starts cutting her hair. Something is seriously wrong with her, and it’s made evident by the fact that her room reflects the very condition of our Kotoriasobi: One big wreck.

This is why you should never let crazy people become interior designers. They’re awful with handling scissors.

After Yomi is sent home, Mato is sitting on the brink of anger over what everyone is saying about Yomi. Kagari coming to her and outright saying to her that Yomi’s heart broke doesn’t help matters either. Mato then slaps her and storms off. Yu confronts Saya about what she did to Yomi, but doesn’t get anywhere. Strange thing is Yu doesn’t have a shadow…

So Mato is reading her cute little storybook that she reads often and it takes a very dark turn, ending with Li’l Bird plummeting to its death. Wow… That’s pretty messed up for a book written for children. What the hell kinda person writes shit like this?! Well, Mato tries to write her own Fix Fic in the book to make the story have a happier end…

So the next day, Saya has a chat with Mato over a cup of tea. Apparently she hates coffee; that doesn’t stop her from asking people if they want some. I bet she drugs the coffee. Maybe that’s why everyone in this show has issues. Anyway, when Saya asks about Yomi, it leads to… this moment.

…I’m sorry, was I supposed to be laughing? Because telling someone to die for a friend and then proceeding to strangle that person is not something to joke around about. I don’t know what sick sense of humor Saya has, but that was not funny. That was disturbing as fuck. No one should find that funny! And neither does Mato as she slowly walks away, thrown into utter confusion over Saya-chan-sensei’s sudden and frightening change.

Anyway, Saya tells Mato to check out the art room to see something that she’ll find fascinating. Instead of reporting her and getting her fired like anyone should do, Mato takes her advice and heads to the art room to find said fascinating thing, which is the painting Yomi created. It is this very moment that Mato realizes that Kagari spoke only the harsh truth: Yomi’s heart broke because of Mato…

Yikes! This looks like an art major’s nightmare. Wait… I’m an art major!!

So apparently, no one seems to remember who Yu is at all. Out of fear that she too is forgetting her childhood freind, she tries to go to her house where it usually is but even that’s gone.

Yu appears and tells Mato that the world where Black★Rock Shooter is in does indeed exists. And not only that,  the inhabitants of the other world are the personifications of everyone’s negative emotions, or rather a darker side of them. Also, one’s otherworld counterpart is affected by that person’s negative emotions. If the otherworld counterpart dies, that person’s negative emotions disappears. which pretty much explains why Kagari went from being yandere to adorable when Chariot was killed, and Yomi’s downward spiral into insanity causing Dead Master to awaken.

Mato wants to save Yomi from her inner turmoil, so Yu has her fuse with Black★Rock Shooter. But it was too late as Dead Master was already killed by Black★Rock Shooter.  This causes both Mato and Black★Rock Shooter to freak out and go insane… Insane Black★Rock Shooter!

I sure hope I can just finish this show without breaking down crying once. Judging by how it’s going, that’s gonna be a very hard task.

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