Guilty Crown #20: Infodump Time (Finally!)

Some science is about to happen up in this bitch!

Why is it that this show doesn’t explain shit, but when it does try to explain shit, it makes my head hurt? Seriously, this episode has more confusing technobabble than an episode of Star Trek!

So the episode starts off with Keido informing Albino Gai that Shu’s second Void Genome. And Gai alreadd knows about that. This is our Big Bad, in case you forgot. Oh, and Mana has more or less taken over Inori now.

So since Gai’s warning to the world fell on deaf ears and he’s decided that on December 25th, he’s gonna bring about the end of the world. Shinbugi shows up, having been released by Gai apparently, and tells everyone that Gai is planning something called the Fourth Apocalypse, which is a global-scale Lost Christmas. Also, Gai wanted him to give Shu his father, Kurosu Ouma’s diary, so everyone can die knowing the truth. Also, Gai calls Keido “Dad”. Yeah, I don’t get it either. Just roll with it.

So flashback time, guys. Keido recalls his university days with Kurosu, whom he states was the only person there who could match him when it comes to science and stuff.

"Oh, hey, Shuichiro. I swear I only did her... I mean, did this for the sake of science."

Anyway, some technobabble later, Kurosu had married this chick named Saeko Shijou, a medical student whom will eventually be Mana’s and Shu’s mom. Yes, unfortunately they are siblings. All that incest subtext turns out to be true. Damn it all! More importantly, both Kurosu and Saeko has brown hair, but Mana has pink hair. What the hell kinda genetics is at work here?

Five years later, Kurosu and Keido discover the meteor rock that contained the Apocalypse Virus, which Mana touched before they did. Around that time, they meet Yu, who is an envoy from the Daath Organization, and he looks the same as he does now. He tells them some stuff and that Mana is awakening as Eve and the baby boy that Saeko is pregnant with (Shu) will be the Adam she desires, and they will bring about a new age of humanity.

So Shu is born, and his mom dies from succumbing to the virus. Although Kurosu turned down his offer, Keido wanted in. The backstory switches to Gai’s perspective for a moment, where he was found under Keido’s care and became part of a program where they performed human experiments to create the Adam for Mana. Gai escaped, and ended up with Shu and Mana.

Now we jump to Haruka’s perspective where she meets Kurosu. And yes, she is indeed Keido’s younger sister. Damn it! She tells Keido that they’re going to be married soon and that he’s made progress in his Apocalypse research. So now we get to the day of Lost Christmas: Keido sneaks into Kurosu’s office and reads his research notes. In his notes he stated that the Apocalypse Virus changes the hearts of the infected, but he also found a genetic coding that interferes with that, which he called “Void Genome”. So Kurosu catches him, and Keido’s jealous that he managed to figure everything out before he did, so he blows Kurosu’s brains out right before Lost Christmas starts.

When Mana started Lost Christmas, apparently she had also scattered herself within other people’s Voids. And when Shu drew them out, Mana grew stronger, I think. Where did that plot point come from? :\

So it turns out that Shu’s Void absorbs Voids as well as the Apocalypse Virus. Shu plans to return everyone’s Void. Turns out that if Shu dies while his Void holds someone else’s Void, that person will die as well. Yahiro says screw that idea because he needs their powers if he can stand a chance against Gai. Everyone tells Shu to keep their Voids, and Shu reconciles with Souta as they set off to stop Gai once and for all.

You know what. I'm fine that Shu and Souta got back together. I mean I still hate the guy for getting Hare killed, but right now all my hatred for anyone has been redirected towards Arisa.

Yeah, this blogpost is pretty flimsy, but this episode really confused the shit outta me! I suppose after a couple of rewatches, things will make sense. Hopefully…

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