Black★Rock Shooter #6: Insanity Begins

It’s strange. I watched Black★Rock Shooter expecting some over-the-top action, and instead I got one of the most dark, depressing mindfucks I’ve ever seen lately. I don’t think I can watch another episode of this show unless I break into tears.

Where we last left off, Mato had fused with Black★Rock Shooter, who had just killed Dead Master. She then transforms into Insane Black★Rock Shooter who somehow has less clothing than usual. So she engages in battle with Black Gold Saw only to have her right arm injured. So she tears it off. That shit ain’t right. While all this is going on, Strength drags away the corpse of Dead Master.

Two things I need to tell you about the opening: First, when the intro theme opens on a depressing note, you know some shit’s about to go down. And secondly, the opening has updated to include Insane Black★Rock Shooter.

So Dead Master’s death caused Yomi to go back to normal. Meanwhile, Mato isn’t waking up and Yu turns to Saya for help. Of all people to ask for help, it has to be the psychotic school counselor? Seriously?! So it turns out that Yu exposing Mato to the other world and fusing her with Black★Rock Shooter was a bad mistake. So Saya attempts to kill Mato in order to stop Black★Rock Shooter, but is unable to because she can’t be held responsible for Black★Rock Shooter.

“…unless I murder her as a joke, then I can kill her no problem”

Meanwhile, the battle between Insane Black★Rock Shooter and Black Gold Saw continues. Black Gold Saw loses her right arm and makes her escape into another area. Saya suggest that she calls out to Mato, saying that she and Yu needs to protect “our girl”. She manages to talk to Mato through Black Gold Saw and restrains Insane Black★Rock Shooter. A flashback occurs when we see the moment where Saya met Yu.

Yeah, Yu has a shadow here. But more importantly… Check out everyone’s faces.

Anyhoo, Saya and Yu became friends, despite all the hell Yu went through in her life. I mean seriously, she doesn’t bat an eye at other people putting eraser residue in her food, and look at the place where she and her stepparents stay at. It looks like a freakin’ crackhouse! Is that a cockroach?!

Anyway, Yu states that another girl has been taking the pain for her, the same way Black★Rock Shooter has been taking on Mato’s pain. In this case, I assume it would be Strength. Either way, Saya tries to be there for Yu and understand her more. One night, Yu’s house burns down and Saya begins to think that Yu might’ve been the one responsible. It was actually caused by a cigarette that Yu’s stepfather forgot to put out.

When Saya tries to apologize to Yu for thinking that she burned her own house down, Yu tells her to awaken to her true name, Black Gold Saw.

Why is it that every time this happens, I think they’re about to kiss?

We switch back to the present time where Insane Black★Rock Shooter breaks free and Strength comes to stop her and they both warp to some weird Rubik’s Cube place. Saya wakes up, unable to stop Insane Black★Rock Shooter, saying that she was protected by “Our girl” Meanwhile, Mato realizes the reason why Black★Rock Shooter is fighting is because to save everyone from their pain, but she thinks it shouldn’t have to be that way.

So the credits roll, Yomi returns to school and Kagari notices something different about her. The episode ends with Yomi erasing all the mail Mato had sent her from her phone.

I’m thinking that Dead Master’s death caused Yomi to lose not only her stress, but all of her memories of Mato as well. I don’t know. And who the heck is “our girl” that Saya and Yu are talking about? Oh man, so many questions, and only two episodes left…

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