The Future Diary #21: Who Watches The Watcher?

Man, I did not know what to do without this show to watch last week other than to think about how alpha Yukiteru has gotten in the past few episodes, and how 11th is a goddamned cheater, and how dead sexy “Yuno” looks with that black dress.

The episode starts with a very poorly animated QUALITY massacre by “Yuno”.

Seriously, look at all this. You can tell that this is where the animators just didn't care.

Also, Yukiteru makes demands with Backs through the media that he’ll release his friends and then kill himself. Yukiteru tells Yuno to find his friends while he goes after Backs. So Minene decides to remind Yukiteru that he stabbed her left eye out and left Nishijima to die, and tells him that if his plan fails, she’s going to kill him.

At the same time, the guards are about to kill Kousaka and the others, mainly because Kousaka’s an idiot who doesn’t know how to keep his fucking mouth shut when people are about to kill you. Good thing “Yuno” saves their asses. Yukiteru tracks down Backs at the Gasai Bank, a bank that the Gasai’s used to own before it went under, and finds that he’s trying to protect himself using the vault.

Yukiteru and Minene manages to open the door, but finds another one inside.

Ok, now that I got that outta the way. The second vault door can’t be opened using the keycard and PIN that they used to open the first door. It can only be opened by a retinal scanner that only recognizes himself, Yuno and her parents. So Minene decides to avenge Nishijima by turning on Yukiteru.

Yukiteru tries to hide from Minene, but his diary shows his Dead End at her hands. While finding him, Minene reveals her backstory. She grew up in the Middle East. Having lost her parents, she had to rely on herself to survive. That aside, Yukiteru can’t do anything that’ll compromise his position, not even changing his future, but then he finds a pen and notepad…

So “Yuno” finds Kamado, who has been captured by Akise. She tries to kill her, but is stopped by Akise. Her diary informs her that Yukiteru has written a final message, telling her to win the game and revive his parents for him. Yukiteru’s diary goes off, informing Minene of his presence, but it turns out to be just his cellphone. Yukiteru used the note to send “Yuno” in a panic. Yukiteru tells Minene that he doesn’t want to kill anyone, but he has no choice if wants to revive his parents.

Minene refuses to listen to that and tries to shoot Yukiteru, but hesitates at the last moment when she sees her younger self in Yukiteru, realizing that she was no different from him. But she gets shot through the stomach by Yukiteru.

Yukiteru heads back to the vault to try and open it, while Backs is talking him down about how he tried to avenge his parents but accomplished nothing. But Minene shows up with a bomb that’s set to go off if her heartbeat stops. She plans to sacrifice herself so she can open the second vault door. She closes the first door and begins crushing her own diary.

Minene... ;_;

The bomb goes off,  but the vault door doesn’t even have a scratch. Heck, it doesn’t even leave a speck of blood anywhere.

No damage to anything, no blood or guts all over the place. This bomb didn't do shit.

“Yuno” arrives and tells Yukiteru to destroy the HOLON server while she keeps an eye on the vault door. Then, the second vault door opens and “Yuno” kills Backs with a headshot. So I hear in the manga, he was killed by DECAPITATIOOOOOOOOOONNNNN!!!!! Yukiteru succeeds in destroying the HOLON server.

The next day, Yukiteru and “Yuno” decides to see Akise, who has Kamado in captive at his place. Around the same time, Akise is questioning Kamado when a big void comes inside his house. Yukiteru makes a list of all the people he and “Yuno” killed so when he becomes God, he can bring them back to life.

Let's see here: Serial killer that tried to kill you. Evil toddler Kevin McAllister who also tried to kill you. Miko bitch that tried to have her cult rape your girlfriend. Straight cop that wanted to get between the legs of a terrorist woman. Dirtbag cop that tried to frame you for murder. Two lovebirds that make a better couple than you and your girlfriend. Guards that work for the person that killed your father. At least bring back Yomotsu!

The same voids that appeared in Akise’s house has materialized all over Sakurami. This is because Deus is about to expire soon and his death means the end of the world. Kamado appears in the Hall of Causality along with Akise, who asks Deus if Yukiteru can undo everything if he becomes God.

Wow. Awesome episode. Although I can’t help but wonder if “Yuno” is indeed Yuno. I mean, she opened the vault door easily, something that only Yuno, her parents, and Backs can do…

Only three players to go, and only five episodes left. The game’s almost over.

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