Kid Icarus: Uprising – Thanatos Rising

So the first of three Kid Icarus anime short series made to promote the upcoming Nintendo 3DS video game Kid Icarus: Uprising is available to view on Nintendo Video for the 3DS. Unfortunately, since they’re only on Nintendo Video, there’s no way to capture good screens. Sorry, guys.

Kid Icarus: Uprising – Thanatos Rising is a 3-part CGI 3D anime made by Production I.G. It follows Pit as he takes on the God of Death, Thanatos. Each episode is about three minutes long. the first part was released on March 8th, the second part on the 10th, and the third part on the 13th.

Part 1 starts off with Pit fighting Underworld monsters. Palutena tells Pit that Thanatos is about to attack the nearby city. The human army however has already begun their attack on Thanatos, who I swear has a voice that sounds like a transvestite. Kinda an odd voice for a God of Death… Anyway, one of their trojan horses has been hijacked by Thanatos’ minions and Pit, using the Power of Flight that Palutena grants him, gives chase in order to stop it from destroying the city. One thing I never understood about Kid Icarus: Pit has wings but he needs Palutena’s power in order to fly. So what exactly are the wings for, anyway?!

Part 2 continues where the previous part left off with Pit hot on Thanatos’ tail. Palutena shows Pit a 8-bit map of the area, which also shows the human city that Thanatos is approaching with his hijacked horse. Turns out he blogged all this stuff. Wait, what? What the heck does a God of Death need with a blog?! OK, that was just her pulling Pit’s leg, but only about Thanatos having a blog. Yeah, apparently the internet exists in the world of Kid Icarus. Anyway, she directs Pit through a shortcut that will allow him to head Thanatos off, but Thanatos catches onto him and catapults rocks at him to slow him down. He then launches another rock filled with dark energy towards the city, ending the episode. 

Part 3 starts with Thanatos catapulting the rock filled with dark energy at the human city, but is intercepted by Pit. He then does battle with Thanatos inside his trojan horse. Pit is driven into a corner by Thanatos, so he tries to shoot him, but misses and ends up hitting one of the gears. The gear falls right on top of Thanatos (Ouch.) and the trojan horse collapses. Pit barely manages to escape, and I swear to God he makes a Resident Evil reference when he said that he was “almost a Pit pancake”. And that’s the end… Or is it? Also, Thanatos is declaring “ragequit”. Too late for that, pal. You already lost. 😛

Because I’m such a Production I.G. fanboy, I force myself to watch almost everything they’re involved with, and this one is no exception. I’m not sure if it was me, but the first part’s voice quality sounded really low quality, like it was recorded with a lousy microphone. But that seemed to be only for that part; the subsequent episodes sounded fine to me. Either way, I enjoyed watching this and I can’t wait for the next one!

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