Guilty Crown #21: Dawn of Mana

The Grand Finale is upon is, folks. God, I hope Arisa gets killed. I swear as long as they kill her off, then I’ll have some sense of satisfaction.

And why does Daryl have an arc reactor built into his chest? Is he gonna become Iron Man?

So it starts witha  brief flashback from where Episode 16 ended, when Gai was revived. Apparently, they revived him so he can be the “Adam” to Mana’s “Eve”, whom they were in the process of reviving as well.

So as it turns out, they don’t have 256 Leucocytes satellites at all. They only have the one that was never destroyed, plus they set up hacking devices to make up for the 255 nonexistant satellites. I mean shit, would they really be able to gather the time and resources to produce tons of kill sats?

Convert the little robot into a hover-segway even though Shu can use Ayase's Void? Riiiiiight.

We get a nice moment of Ayase asking Shu to help her get inside her Endlave cockpit, which is significant because she never asks anyone for help.

So the U.N. tries another attach on Ward 24, Gai draws out Kenji’s, Arisa’s and Yuu’s Void all at once and merges them into a big-ass bow that shoots a rain of Apocalypse Virus-infected arrows that wipes out virtually the entire fleet.

Meanwhile, Daryl apparently hasn’t done a Heel Face Turn at all, but like I mentioned before, he has his arc reactor, which I suppose connects him to his new Endlave, Gespenst.

So Funeral Parlor begins their operation. The clones created by Tsugumi’s Void gives Tsugumi enough time to hack into the GHQ’s security system and slow them down temporarily.

This hack has been approved by Pedobear.

Gai begins to erase Inori’s memories and emotions so she can be reborn as Mana. Meanwhile, Shu absorbs the virus from one of the U.N. soldiers, infecting himself even further. So Inori starts singing and only Shu is able to hear her. Using only that to navigate, they find their way to the Central Command room, where Yuu separates Shu from the rest of his crew.

So anyway, Yuu tells that he is basically an embodiment of Daath, and he says yet more cryptic stuff about whether Shu or Gai would become “Adam”. And apparently, Gai agreed to it. That aside, a fight scene between the two of them starts, and I gotta, say, this was a pretty good fight scene here, even when Shu and Yuu starts shooting lasers at each other… I don’t know either. After that, he… disintegrates, I think…

Shu reaches to where Gai and Inori is, but he’s too late. Mana has already been reborn…

I think it’s pretty evident that Shu is going to die in the end. I won’t be surprised if he does, but for some reason, I get the feeling that he won’t. Maybe they’re gonna pull a Gundam 00 movie ending and have Shu absorb all the Apocalypse Virus and then become some superhuman being or something like that, I don’t know. Either way, shit’s goin’ down next week.

Damn, what am I gonna make fun of when all this is over?

The only drink that's allowed at this party is Redjuice. No Soda allowed.

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