Black★Rock Shooter #7: Yu Koutari’s Strength

Well, Black★Rock Shooter is not the first anime to drive me to tears as of recently. That honor goes to Persona 4 episode 22.

But first, I need to clear up some things from last episode that I didn’t realize until recently.

Ahem… It turns out that there are two Yu Koutaris. The first and original Yu was the one whom Saya befriended, and Strength’s human counterpart. She told Saya to protect her, as well as protecting the Otherworld. Also the reason why Saya tried to unnerve the girls was to awaken their Otherworld counterparts because Black★Rock Shooter is causing issues there and needs to be stopped. She also considered attempting to kill Mato in order to stop Black★Rock Shooter, but doesn’t go through with it because she can’t be held responsible.

Now the second Yu (The one without a shadow) thought that informing Mato of the Otherworld and having her fuse with Black★Rock Shooter would be a good idea, but well… the fact that Insane Black★Rock Shooter exists speaks for itself. Hope that cleared some things up.

Well, time to begin some more confusion. Saya is unable to reach out to Mato in the Otherworld, so Yu suggests that she goes there herself, regardless of the dangers of Mato and “Our Girl” disappearing. Meanwhile, Insane Black★Rock Shooter and Strength are still going at it.

Apparently in the Otherworld, anyone with guns have an Infinite Ammo cheat enabled.

Mato tries to stop Black★Rock Shooter from inside but Insane Black★Rock Shooter responds by shooting her own legs, wounding Mato as well. Yu tells Mato to make a wish to get out of Black★Rock Shooter, but then Mato comes to the realization that she is indeed Black★Rock Shooter. Yu tells Mato that there’s nothing wrong with what she was doing before. Next thing you know, Strength starts speaking and pummels Insane Black★Rock Shooter while pulling out an extra pair of arms.

Meanwhile in the real world, the homeroom teacher informs the class of Mato’s disappearance, which causes Yomi’s memories of Mato to return and a strange pain in her heart. At the same time, Kagari feels this same pain as well. It’s revealed that “Strength” is actually the original Yu Koutari. She switched places with the real Strength (the second Yu) when she was near death after an encounter with Black★Rock Shooter. As the credits roll, Yomi’s memories of Mato return, and as he tries to figure out why she was trying to forget about her, Dead Master begins to come back to life…

Still confused? So am I. Well, this episode cleared up some more things, mainly about what’s up with Yu. Not to worry. The finale is next week. Along with Guilty Crown, we can finally put an end to noitaminA’s Winter 2012 mindfuck hour.

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