Kid Icarus: Uprising – Medusa’s Revenge

The second of three Kid Icarus: Uprising anime shorts, titled Medusa’s Revenge is a single-part anime produced by Studio 4ºC, released on Nintendo Video on March 16th. It revolves around the Goddess of the Underworld, Medusa and the beginning of her vendetta against the Goddess of Light, Palutena, which leads up to the events in Kid Icarus: Uprising.

By the way, check out that sideboob on Medusa…

It begins with Palutena recapping the major details of the first Kid Icarus game. Basically, for those who haven’t played the game, Medusa has taken over Skyworld and imprisoned Palutena, and it was Pit who destroyed her. We take a look at the events that transpired prior to the first game with Medusa, the then-Goddess of Darkness wreaking havoc upon the human city and turning everyone into stone until Palutena puts an end to her reign of terror. We now jump to moments before Uprising, where Medusa has risen back from the dead, hellbent on revenge, and Pit taking flight once again to stop her.

Compared to Thanatos Rising, this one has a more darker tone to it. Speaking of which, I really enjoy the animation with these shorts. It actually looks like it was made for 3D, unlike most 3D movies nowadays. *cough*The Phantom Menace.

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