The Future Diary #22: The Final Messenger

With only three players left, the survival game begins to approach its finale. Meanwhile, even more secrets are revealed…

The episode starts where the previous left off, with Akise asking Deus if it’s possible for Yukiteru to undo everything if he wins the game and become God. After learning the truth, Akise goes back to tell Yukiteru, but is stopped by Deus.

Well, I'll be damned. So Asread can animate Deus with hand-drawn animation instead of CGI after all. Too bad his head looks like crap. That's another minus one point, Asread.

As it turns out, Akise was actually created by Deus as an observer of causality, to record the events of the game and the changes to the future. As Deus has him disassembled and returned to the Akashic Records, he reveals that Akise was led to believe that he was following the diary keepers on his own, but it was actually that he was under Deus’ orders to collect information. He then gives Akise one chance to continue his existence if he can state one occasion where he acted not on Deus’ commands.

The case with Tsukishima? To confirm his location while he was in hiding. Looking into Yuno’s background? Gathering data. Saving Kamado? Part of Deus’ plan and Akise was supposed to act as interference. But Akise admits that his love for Yukiteru was real. …wait, what? That’s an illusion too. Anyway, Akise reveals his own Child Diary, his Detective Diary that can observe all other diaries and predict their keepers’ actions. Deus realizes that what Akise has did now was an action of his own volition and lets him go.

Back in the real world, Yukiteru and “Yuno” head to Akise’s place to find and kill Kamado. “Yuno” asks if Yukiteru could kill his friends if they betray him. He gives no answer, knowing that they’d never do that. They find Akise, but Kamado and the others aren’t there. “Yuno” tries attacking Akise, but it turns out he remains one step ahead of her.

Yukiteru goes after friends who are escaping with Kamado while “Yuno” deals with Akise. Hinata steps in to stop Yukiteru and tell him that “Yuno” is lying to him and that even if he becomes God, he won’t be able to bring anyone back. Meanwhile, Akise has “Yuno” cornered so she stabs herself, leaving him with only two options: Save her life, or go after Yukiteru and leave her to die.

Is it just me, or did Asread forget to draw "Yuno"'s right eye? Or maybe it's hidden underneath her hair. Either way, that's yet another minus one point.

Akise goes after Yukiteru and tries calling him, but he’s already on the line with “Yuno”, who’s telling him that Akise is about to kill her. Thrown into a panic, Yukiteru shoots Hinata. Yep, “Yuno”‘s back to unlikable. Oh, she doesn’t have her black dress and katana, so I’ve no reason to like her anymore. Fuckin’ crazy bitch. Anyway, Mao tries to talk some sense into him, but Yukiteru shoots him and Kousaka as well.

Akise catches up with Yukiteru and tells him that “Yuno” only wanted Yukiteru to advance through the game so she can stab him in the back in the end. “Yuno” shows up and Akise does, um… this to send her in a rage.

Seriously, that shit ain’t right.

A-any… way, as according to Akise’s diary, he’ll kill “Yuno”. Akise smashes her diary, but she manages to cut his throat. It turns out that Akise had destroyed someone else’s diary. Upon closer inspection, it says that Akise kissed Amano-kun. “Yuno”‘s diary only refers to Yukiteru as Yukki. Did the real Yuno Gasai had a Future Diary of her own?

As Yukiteru and “Yuno” finishes off Kamado, Akise tries to give Yukiteru one last message before “Yuno” decapitates him. But this isn’t revealed to us yet. We’ll have to wait until next episode to find out what he said… and what Yukiteru is going to do next. But seriously, Holy Shit!!!

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