Guilty Crown #22 (END): Really Big Shus to Fill

Well, ladies and gentlemen, we’ve finally reached the conclusion of Guilty Crown. I gotta admit, what with how off the rails this show has gotten during the second half, I’m surprised I managed to hold firm up until now. It all comes down to this. Can Shu stop his former best friend and his incest-obsessed sister? And will they please kill off the traitorous whore? I don’t care if something falls on her. As long as she dies, then I’ll be fine.

Continuing where last left off, Mana’s rebirth sets off Fourth Apocalypse. Meanwhile, the GHQ’s security systems have been beefed up significantly to the point that even Tsugumi can’t break through, all thanks to Kenji being at the helm. So Mana is happy to see Shu again, probably because she gets another chance to blowjob him. However, Shu isn’t at all happy to see his batshit insane brotherfucker of a sister alive again.

Starring Yuno Gasai as Mana Ou–Wait… Already played that joke.

So Gai draws out Inori/Mana’s Void (since they’re both the same, they share the same Void.) and Mana begins Fourth Apocalypse, which creates something even worse than Lost Christmas and shutting down all the Endlaves, save for Kill-em-All Daryl’s Gespenst and his arc reactor Void Genome Emulator. Meanwhile, Haruka confronts Keido and is about ready to shoot him. Gai states that he would’ve given the position of “Adam” to Shu sometime ago if he asked for it, but right now it’s too late and he is about to kill him. But then Inori calls out to Shu telling him not to give up, all while joining forces with BOOM BOOM SATELLITES to save the day. Shu’s Void reaches out to her, reversing Fourth Apocalypse.

So Shinbugi puts Kenji’s hacking to a stop and shoots him in the face, and he goes out with the best face ever.

Keido infects himself, killing himself in the process. Shu gets his own version of Inori’s Void and dukes it out with Gai. Meanwhile, Ayase is taking on Daryl. Oh and by the way, Tsugumi/Daryl ship got the Bad End. Ha, Take that! Didn’t I tell you it would never work out?

Anyway, Shu and Gai end up in a place called Shangri-La, a world that lies beyond the Apocalypse. And it’s pretty much what the OP alluded to. Heck, you can almost sing the first few lines and it goes with it. Gai explains that he chose to be with Mana to avoid being “selected out” and that trying to stab Mana was the best way to save her. But Daath wasn’t willing to let her die. In simple terms, Gai’s plan was something that made no sense to anyone other than the writers. iSo Gai and Mana both die again for real, this time. No more magic crystals, so no more cheating death for Gai.

Shu begins to use his Void to absorb all of the Apocalypse Virus, as well as everyone’s Voids and it looks like he’s going to sacrifice himself to extinguish the virus for good, but Inori takes it all from him and dies. Meanwhile, the entire place is about to collapse so it’s time to GTFO! Daryl manages to escape with Rowan’s sacrifice. Everyone gets out except for Shu. Yeah, Arisa survived too. Fuck.

Is it so wrong that I found this cute and pretty funny. I mean it’s little baby Funells. How can it not be?

Even though we don’t see Shu escape from the rubble, we do see that a few years later he is alive and well, although the whole affair has left him blind. I’m not gonna ask how he escaped, since I’ve seen this thing before,where the hero is presumed dead and then reappear alive with little to no explanation given.

OK, I’ll be honest. I know I may have put myself in the minority when I say this, but I thought this show was good. Not great, however. I mean, yeah it had so much going for it what with the animation by Production I.G., music by Supercell, well-known voice cast, but in the end, all that was mentioned turned out to be the show’s few high points and whatever potential that was so hyped up was wasted in the end.

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