Black★Rock Shooter #8 (END): Li’l Bird Flies Again

“Show me your powers!” “I’ll show you my powers!”

I tell you, I can’t believe my mind managed to survive the mind-boggling noitaminA block this season consisting of Guilty Crown and this show. God I hope tsuritama doesn’t break my mind…

It starts off with Insane Black★Rock Shooter and Yu continuing their fight atop the Rubik’s Cube while flames are raging around them. It almost reminds me so much of the climatic battle from The Lion King. Meanwhile, Strength tries to sacrifice herself, thus relieving Yu of her pain and then she’ll return to her own world. Insane Black★Rock Shooter tries to kill Yu, but is stopped by Mato.

We now shift inside the world of Black★Rock Shooter where Mato, who has taken the form of Black★Rock Shooter, faces off against Insane Black★Rock Shooter. Mato says that she forced all of her pain on Black★Rock Shooter, which is supposed to be her purpose, but Mato doesn’t want that. She wants to experience her own pain.

It’s weird how their lips don’t move when they’re talking. Are they talking telepathically or what?

The battle begins and Insane Black★Rock Shooter has the upper hand.

With the help of remembering the story of Li’l Bird, Mato gets a power-up and a new BFG. Meanwhile, Kagari, Yomi and Koha’chi begins remembering their pain.

Once again, I swear to God that everyone in the Otherworld has infinite ammo cheats on, because both Mato and Insane Black★Rock Shooter shoots out a shit-ton of bullets at each other. Anyway, everyone’s Otherworld counterparts come back to life and lend their power to Mato.


Strength dies and Yu returns to her own world. She manages to readjust to her own world and become BFFs with Mato, Yomi, and Kagari.

After the credits roll, we see that Strength has returned to life as well.

I enjoyed watching this show. Yeah, it was full of melodrama, angst, and yuri, but damn, the action scenes in the Otherworld were the best animated scenes I’ve seen this season. I wish it ran for another episode or two.

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