Kid Icarus: Uprising – Palutena’s Revolting Dinner

And now, the third and final Kid Icarus: Uprising anime short is here. This one, titled Palutena’s Revolting Dinner, is a two-part anime produced by Studio Shaft. First part premiered on Nintendo Video March 19 and the second part on March 24. This one centers around Palutena’s attempt to make a vegetable dinner going horribly wrong. Let’s just say that in Soviet Russia, vegetables eat you.

And in case you were wondering: Yes, there is indeed a head-tilt. Oh Shaft, you and your head-tilting…

Part 1 starts with Palutena deciding to cook a vegetable dinner, much to Pit’s dismay. Apparently, there are hamburgers in Skyworld… and PDAs. Well, since they have blogs, I guess Skyworld has basically anything anyone can think of. So she gives a drop of rejuvenator to give the carrots an extra zing. While Shaft wastes no time in making Palutena do a head-tilt, she ends up adding too much rejuvenator. As Paluena sends Pit out to grab some ripe tomatoes, the carrots come to life and start a revolt to destroy Skyworld. After a random chase scene involving Palutena hanging upside-down, which is probably Shaft getting some leg shots in, she uses the Power of Caging to stop the carrots (Why she never did that in the first place, I have no idea), but it turns out that the oven back at Palutena’s palace has went haywire and exploded! Uh-oh…

Part 2 opens with Palutena fanservice!! Bless you, Shaft. Yup, she’s in a bath house taking a soak in the hot springs while Pit and the Centurion Army deals with the carrot-tastrophe (Yes, he did say that). Meanwhile, the carrots start another revolt and uses rejuvenator on all the vegetables and they all combine into… something I don’t even know what it’s supposed to be. It’s the giant whatever-that-is on the header image. So anyway, Veggie-zilla begins to start wrecking the palace only for Pautena to discover that water washes off the rejuvenator. So she uses the Power of Maelstrom (You know what, forget it. Palutena’s a goddess, so basically she can have any power she calls upon.) to summon a rainstorm to wash off the vegetables and then pulls out a pair of Wolf Claws to heat things up, but that goes wrong as one of the pumpkins that didn’t get washed gets the jump on her. And so it ends with Palutena telling Pit that they should just go out for dinner next time.

This one was pretty fun to watch. I can’t even pick a favorite between the three of them since they were had something good. Kudos to them all.

Also, for some extra fun, I decided to play Studio Shaft Bingo while watching this. And here are the results. Not bad for about 8 minutes.

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