The Future Diary #23: The Ending World

Wanna have some fun with this episode of The Future Diary? Try to point out every single QUALITY face you can find.

So it turns out that Deus has reduced himself to his core, thus extending the world to last until July 28. With him gone, MurMur takes it upon herself to become God until the world ends. Yukiteru and “Yuno” is notified of this on their diaries. Also on that day, “Yuno” gets her HAPPY END. Well, whoop-de-freakin’-doo. Three days later, Yukiteru is staying at “Yuno”‘s place.

So Yukiteru is at his wit’s end. Having killed his friends and realizing that he won’t be able to bring anyone back when he becomes God, Yukiteru begins to suspect that “Yuno” lied to him. But why? And is she planning to kill him? So the next day, “Yuno” really seems to want to take a bath with Yukiteru for some reason.

Oh, I'm sorry. Am I supposed to feel sad for her? Yeah, maybe if she didn't manipulate Yukiteru into killing his friends, then I would've felt a little sad. Only a little.

With only one day left until the end of the world, Yukiteru decides to bring “Yuno” her HAPPY END a day early. And I suppose since the world’s ending, he might as well go out knowing he didn’t die a virgin.

So Yukiteru asks “Yuno” why she lied to him, saying that he can bring his parents back. She admits it, saying that she did it so as to motivate him into winning the game and become God. Meanwhile, Akise’s dying message is revealed. Apparently, this is the second incarnation of this world and this Yuno is the Yuno Gasai from the previous world, having won the game and became God. “Yuno” pulls out an axe and starts attacking Yukiteru.

MurMur arrives to show Yukiteru the past, and to explain all this Yuno nonsense. We start off with the point where Yukiteru and Yuno were doing the survey about their future. Apparently, Yuno was supposed to be Yukiteru’s bride, but that fell apart after the Survival Game started.

"Yeah. I was actually more alpha in the first world. And not like "Getting bitches, murdering orphans, and driving like a boss" alpha.

MurMur finally shows the end of the first world. After they killed all the other diary keepers, Yukiteru and Yuno had drugged themselves to death. Or rather, Yukiteru did and Yuno faked it so she can become God and bring him back to life. However, she learned the hard way that no one can come back to life. She decided to go back to the past and redo everything, thus ending up in the second world. She killed the Yuno of this world. The second Yuno was the Yuno who made the marriage promise to Yukiteru.

Yukiteru arrives back to the present, seemingly ready to take on Yuno-1.

Well, this sure cleared up alot of things unclear. And one thing that’s crystal clear is that Yuno-1 is a fucking psychotic bitch who deserves no sympathy at all.

By the way, I’m pretty sure there are more QUALITY faces than this, but if I posted them all, I’d be spending all day on this.

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