Previously on “Kore wa Zombie desu ka?”…

Alrighty then, Pop Quiz time: Which of these four characters is the zombie? Here’s a hint: It’s not the two vampire-ninjas on the top and left, it’s not the magical girl on the bottom, and it’s not the necromancer on the right. Give up?

OK, so I got nothing better to do regarding Is this a Zombie? (Kore wa Zombie desu ka?) until next month, when Kore wa Zombie desu ka? of the Dead (I can’t get over that title. 😀 Seriously, adding of the Dead to a title makes anything more awesome.) comes out. So what I’m gonna do is blog the entire first season. Yes, all 12 episodes in one post. At the same time, I’m doing an experiment to see if it’ll hold up to my disgruntled, more cynical self. You see, my former self (i.e. the me before I started this blog back in July 2011.) would watch just about anything. I learned the hard way that not everything I watch is guaranteed to be good. Infinite Stratos and Aria the Scarlet Ammo, I’m looking at you. So does Kore wa Zombie desu ka? hold up? Let’s find out.

This will probably be is the longest blogpost I’ve ever written.

#1: The day I became a zombie.

The plot of this anime is as goes: Ayumu Aikawa is an ordinary high school student who is about to experience a strange twist of fate that will soon turn his life upside down. You see, in a moment, he’s gonna die and then become a zombie, which will set up the story. Oh, and here it is. He’s gonna sacrifice his life to save this cat from getting run down by a truck and…

Wait, what? Already?!!!

Well, fuck me. He’s already a zombie. Hmm… Better change the title then.

#1: The day I became a zombie And then Ayumu Was (Already) a Zombie

Uh… no.

I think it’s time I bring up one of my recent pet peeves about anime: Why is it that anime asks us “Are you ready?” when it knows full well that we’re never ready for whatever shit they throw at us? Ayumu just got hit by a truck (that didn’t have a license plate number, mind you) and got sent flying with his clothes off, and someone lost their toupee. I sure as hell was not ready for that. Moving along now…

So yeah, Ayumu’s a zombie, having been revived by mai waifu the necromancer of Hades, Eucliwood Hellscythe, and is now under her servitude. For some as-of-yet unexplained reason, Eucliwood (or Yuu, as Ayumu refers to her) shows almost no emotion whatsoever, nor does she ever speaks with her only means of communication is through written notes. So Ayumu has to fill in that gap using his own weird imagination.

Here’s one of the show’s running gags: Ocassionally Ayumu will imagine Yuu speaking in a cutesy voice, and in every single imagine spot, she has a random seiyuu.

So, the real story of how we got here is that Ayumu unfortuantely fell victim to a serial killer that’s still on the loose. Having been revived and given a second chance at life thanks to Yuu, he decides to find and take down the person responsible for killing him.

Well, I’ll be. It’s a Dyson air multiplier. Now, that’s living in style. None of those crappy oscilatting fans where the blades always get dirty for our protagonists. Although I do have to wonder: How did they afford that? On that note, who’s paying the rent?

Having recieved word of another murder by the serial killer, Ayumu sets out to find the person, ending up in a graveyard. I guess since he’s a zombie, he feels at one with himself there. I don’t know, but I do know that a graveyard is not the best place to be at night. He learns this the hard way when sees a giant monster pedobear fighting a loli.

I bet your magical girl anime didn’t have one that wields a chainsaw.

This is Haruna, a Masou-Shoujo (a Magical Garment Girl) who I swear looks like Hideyoshi Kinoshita from Baka Test if he had a extremely huge ahoge. She’s armed with a pink magic chainsaw known as Mysteltainn. Also, her seiyuu, Iori Nomizu sings the opening theme “Ma-ka-se-te Tonight”. Also, I’m not very fond of Haruna, as you’ll see soon…

Another one of the show’s running gags: The Mysteltainn Kick, which resembles more like whacking someone with a chainsaw rather than an actual kick.

So after bisectting both Ayumu and the pedobear, she proceeds to use her magic power to make him lose his memory of the event, but ends up losing her clothes instead. Oops… And she proceeds to kick the snot outta him and accusing him of being a pervert. Now you know why I don’t like her. She’s one of those tsunderes…

So it turns out Haruna has somehow lost her power. You know, for a “genius” Masou-Shoujo, she’s not very bright. And she decides… OK, not decide, more like demands to stay at Ayumu’s place while she figures out the cause of her power loss. What?! Where did this girl come from and why isn’t she staying there?!!!

So being a zombie means Ayumu’s body is weak against direct sunlight. So whenever he’s exposed to it, he shrivels up like a raisin and feels the same way I do on a Monday. Yeah, maybe next time you’ll take a seat that’s not near the window. So he has to stay at the school until sunset. But then he’s attacked by a rapist in a trenchcoat. At least I think he’s a rapist. Wait, he’s not a rapist, he’s a Giant Enemy Lobster monster known as a Megalo.

Haruna comes in to destroy it. She transforms and ends up losing her clothes… again. I think she has a problem with keeping her clothes on. Also, Ayumu is freakin’ alpha as he blocks the lobster claw with his bare hands. Apparently being a zombie means he can increase his strength beyond normal human levels, but using it too much is hazardous to himself. Haruna suggests– No, sorry, tells him that he has her powers so he must use Mysteltainn and… dafuq?

Wait… what? He’s a Masou-Shoujo! Um… Masou-Shonen? I don’t even… So he… um.. he destroys the megalo, but ends up surrounded by his schoolmates… Uhh…… This is not a good day for our protagonist, as you see. He already has to deal with some random girl from out of nowhere. Now that he has to deal with the entire school seeing him dressed in a pink frilly magical girl outfit. Too bad this isn’t an anime convention, the only place where a guy can get away with that…

#2: When Ayumu Met Eucliwood

In this episode, we look to the past to see the beginning of everything…. Which probably would’ve been a really nice story to focus upon for a whole episode, but the plot demands WTFery, so we’ll have to save this for later. Now where were we? Oh yes, Ayumu’s life is ruined forever.

You’d better lock yourself in your room at least for long enough for everyone to forget all this. Oh, who am I kidding? No one’s gonna forget this.

Oh wait. Maybe not. Everybody seems to have forgotten that, thanks to the Masou-Shoujo’s power of memory manipulation. Please, I doubt anyone can forget a guy in a magical girl outfit. So it’s lunch time and Haruna seems to have prepared Ayumu a bento lunch of the Gods.

This is the weirdest staring contest ever…

Seriously. What is that thing? It boggles the mind trying to understand it’s very existence. What are you? What secrets do you hold, mysterious whatever you are? Ugh, overthinking too much. Back on track…

A very busty young woman named Seraphim arrives out of nowhere; she specializes in all things Tsubame Gaeshi (Swallow-Return Strike). She’s a vampire-ninja who has arrived to enlist Yuu’s help and to become her servant. She declines, stating that Ayumu is her only servant, which results in a battle to determine who will become Yuu’s servant. Since his mistress needs Sera to be sent away, Ayumu accepts the challenge.

Once again, we’re at the graveyard. Again, not the best place to be at night. Unfortuantely, Ayumu is no match for the Tsubame Gaeshi, so he decides to improvise. By throwing an arm at Sera… and it works. Sera admits defeats.

Pish-posh! All you need to do is just toss a dismembered limb at her and she’ll go down instantly.

Ayumu and Haruna return home only to find Sera there as well. Huh? So yeah, she’s staying there as well. Having lost to Ayumu, she decides to become his servant instead, mainly because to be by Yuu’s side. Later that night, Sera tells Ayumu that Yuu appears to be putting up an emotional front and asks him to do something about it. Wait, what does she expect him to do? He’s completely in the dark about Yuu as much as she is.

So we finally get the what the beginning of the episode alluded to: The moment where Ayumu and Yuu first met, about a month prior to the start of the series.

I’m not an expert on pick-up lines, but I’m pretty sure that has to be the worst one yet.

Any normal guy would’ve given up right here. Seriously, UFOs? But not Ayumu. He swtches to his Plan B: Breakdancing, T.K.-style! That’s falls apart too as the only thing that gets broken is his wrist. Well, apparently she actually found it humorous, so humorous that she tells him not to do it again. Well, we learned something today: How to and how not to pick up girls. Anyway, we get to where Ayumu lost his life after a run-in with the serial killer and subsequentially leads to Yuu reviving him.

Moral of this story: If you pick up a cute girl who happens to be a necromancer, consider yourself the luckiest person alive… or dead.

OK, let’s be frank here: This may seem like a silly boy-meets-girl story, but hadn’t Ayumu put on that silly breakdance for Yuu, he would’ve remained dead, End of story. Anyway back to the present time, the group is enjoying more rice when Haruna says something to Ayumu that upsets Yuu…

Ha! Joke’s on you, Haruna. He’s already dead.

Yuu doesn’t take kindly to death being talked in such a light manner. She has a point; death is not just something to be trifled with. But it’s not like Haruna actually gives a shit about that; she still does it anyway.

I swear if every tsundere like Haruna that acted out of line got slapped at least once, enough to put her back into her place, I would be a lot less disgruntled.

Oh, way to go, Haruna, you’ve made her angry! But still, that was pretty unexpected, wasn’t it? Maybe Yuu’s not as emotionless as she appears to be…

#3: Get Your Pudding Face On

The most deadliest enemy a Masou-Shoujo will ever have to face in her life: Pudding…

Weird-ass dream Haruna had there. In her defense, everyone has weird dreams every once in awhile. Like in one dream I had sometime ago, I was fighting a giant scorpion and it stung me in the crotch. But I digress.

Anyway, it turns out Ayumu does have parents, but they’re both travelling abroad at the moment. They’re apparently unaware that their son is a zombie and that he gathered a trio of supernatural females under his roof. So Haruna eyes the last cup of pudding in the fridge, but it’s not like Yuu is just gonna let her have it that easily. So this must be settled with board games. So Haruna faces off against Team Hellscythe, consisting of Yuu and Sera, in a game of Jenga. It goes fine, when it starts to look preety obvious that they never bothered reading the rulebook… or even bothered to care about physics.

It’s just not a game of Jenga unless you use a chainsaw to remove a block.

In every harem story, there exists the Bromantic Foil: A close friend of the male lead who has worse luck with women and tends to have little to no knowledge of the male lead’s romantic life. That would be Ayumu’s pathetic friend Orito in this case. He has a couple bowling vouchers, but not one girl wants to be seen in public with him. So Ayumu decides to go with him. Back to the battle for pudding: Jenga’s done and they’re moving onto Mahjong…

I’m not an expert on Mahjong so correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure that this hand is completely impossible.

OK, now it’s time for Twister. Wait, Twister? I didn’t know the Japanese was aware of Twister. Whatever’ll get the girls in suggestive poses.

Anyway, they move onto bowling and it just so happens that it’s the exact bowling alley that Ayumu and Orito are at. Orito begins to take a guess at the color of their panties… Wait, huh? He just saw these three and he’s trying to guess what color their panties are? Well, whatever. This is apparently a problem for Ayumu because if someone were to find out that other women are living with him, his life would be in the gutter.

When they approach him, Ayumu decides to work up a quick disguise, which falls completely flat and Orito learns that they’re living with him and he takes it well. By taking it well I mean he gets an orz moment and starts bashing his head on a bowling ball. Anyway, Orito gets a text from Kyouko, a childhood friend of his who’s in the hospital because she was nearly a victim of the serial killer. She has twintails.

Guys dig twintails.

Ayumu asks Kyouko if she managed to get a look at the serial killer. She describes the person as a female with silver hair, blue eyes, and wearing armor. Wait a minute, the only person that fits that description is… No, it couldn’t be… Something’s definitely wrong here, and it’s not because somebody vandalized Yuu’s pretty face…

#4: The Melancholy of Eucliwood Hellscythe

While Haruna is cooking dinner, Ayumu has gotten somewhat suspicious of Yuu since she’s the only one who matches Kyouko’s description of the serial killer. So I guess dinner’s rea– Ummm…

Maybe next time, you shouldn’t let Sera help cook. That stuff don’t even look edible. Looks like it came outta the sewer…

Seriously, this unholy abomination of food (if you can call it food) is so bad that it melts anything that comes into contact with it. Only Ayumu can stomach it. And when he does eat it, he starts tripping balls! Well, dinner’s gone to shit; Time to order pizza.

Ew. What horrible taste in pizza toppings. Whatever happened to just italian sausage and pepperoni and the occasional mushrooms?

Anyway, Haruna reports to her head teacher that she’s looking for something called “Terror”. The doorbell rings and Ayumu goes to answer only to find… McGruff the Crime Dog? I didn’t know he delivered pizza.

“Now that that’s said and done, I think it’s time for me to take a bite outta crime.”

The walking dog in a trenchcoat is Kerberos Wansard, an emissary from the underworld who’s come to take Ayumu back to Hell. But when he recognizes Yuu and sees her healing Ayumu’s wound, he stops his attack.

A perfectly good trenchcoat, ruined.

He sets off to recover the soul of someone who was just killed. Ayumu believes that the serial killer has struck again and follows Kerberos to the scene of the crime. So Kerberos reveals that when Yuu uses her healing power, she ends up feeling that same pain of that injury. She doesn’t use it often, leading Kerberos to believe that Ayumu may be someone special to her.

When they get to the crime scene, they find that the soul is gone. It seems that this has been happening for quite awhile. Souls are supposed to be sent to the underworld when they die, so the only reason that that isn’t happening is that someone has been sacrificing them to gain more magical power; someone who goes only by Yoru no Ou (King of the Night).

The serial killer stabs them both and leaves before Ayumu can get an ID of the guy. Kerberos dies, telling Ayumu to look after Yuu and make sure she never grieves. He returns home and decides to have a private serious conversation with Yuu concerning her lack of emotion…

Yuu explains that the reason is because she possesses extremely powerful and unstable magic. Her powers can twist the very fabric of reality if she doesn’t have any control over her emotions. Recalling back to when they first met, Ayumu puts together why Yuu told him not to do anymore breakdancing. She was probably close to breaking out into laughter, which would’ve been distastrous. Also, she chooses not to speak because her voice contains magic as well, and she doesn’t even know which words she say will become empowered. When she says the words that do become empowered, she ends up feeling serious pain in her head.  She also explains that the reason for why she constantly wears the armor is that it acts as a restraining bolt for her magic that’s bonded to her. There are those who seek to possess her magic powers and are willing to kill her to obtain it. She will still continue to produce magic, even if she were to die.

She breaks down crying, thinking that Ayumu despises her for dragging him into this. Since Ayumu is bound to her magic, if Yuu’s emotions went out of her control, he would be the most affected. She even curses herself, saying that she’s a monster for doing such a thing. Ayumu, being the bro that he is, says something around the lines of “screw all that crap” and convinces her that she’s not a monster and that whatever comes for her, he’ll take them on. I was gonna go all like “You should hug her, man!” which he didn’t, but she’s happy so I’ll let it slide… for now. But I still feel sad for the poor girl; she’s got it really hard on her… 😦

Now is that devotion or is that devotion? …Zombies can survive nukes, right? Because if not, then Ayumu might be shooting himself in the foot.

The next day, a flying blue whale attacks the town! I wish I was joking here, flying whales!! I guess masters of terror and nuclear missiles will have to wait another day. So Ayumu transforms and he and Sera fight the whale, only to find that the whale shoots lasers.

A flying whale that shoots lasers. If you need to take a moment to process all that, feel free.

OK, so in order to destroy it, they need to cut it’s head off. Ayumu power up to 1000%, making his already girly-looking outfit even more girlier. Who cares? Because what he does next is freakin’ awesome. He jumps into the stratosphere and Falcon Kicks the whale’s head off. Seriously that was…

0_0 Oh… shit. Well, twintails is dead…

#5: Who Killed Ayumu Aikawa?

OK, time to…

Ooooooooooh…  I don’t care if she was sucking her blood, that’s hot. Also, the kiss was an anesthesic to relieve the pain of getting her blood sucked.

Anyway, it’s bath time for the girls. As you know, Yuu has to wear her armor at all times, even in the bathtub. I’m pretty sure that’s problematic. Anyway, Ayumu gets a call from Haruna’s head teacher to inform her to stop her search for Kyo-tofu. She was supposed to be sent to Kyoto, not Tokyo, to look for Kyo-tofu, not “terror” (kyofu); Haruna just tends to forget stuff. Some genius she is… But, Ayumu tells her that he’ll get it for her.

He gets another call from Kyouko and… wait, Kyouko, who was supposed to be dead? What the hell’s going on here? So the next night, Ayumu meets Kyouko at the graveyard to get the Kyo-tofu Haruna’s head teacher asked for. I’ve said it twice already, so you get it now.

Need a place to meetup with friends? The graveyard is the best place.

So Kyouko gives him the Kyo-tofu free of charge, and they have a nice conversation.

“…I don’t think stabbing me through the heart is something you’re supposed to do on a date.”

So it turns out that Kyouko is the serial killer who took Ayumu’s life. She used memory manipulation on Orito to make him believe that they were childhood friends, but it didn’t work on Ayumu. Memory manipulation is a Masou-Shoujo’s power, meaning Kyouko’s a Masou-Shoujo. She’s also the one responsible for stealing the souls of the deceased; she even took Kerberos’ soul.

Haruna and Sera arrive to bail him out and it turns out Masou-Shoujo power is ineffective against each other, explaining why Kyouko’s memory manipulation on Ayumu didn’t work. That’s fine for Kyouko, as it turns out that she has vampire power too. So Kyouko’s a soul-stealing serial killer Masou-Shoujo with vampire and megalo powers. Fuckin’ cheater.

I bet that feels embarassing.

So Ayumu, using the full power Masou-Shoujo again, manages to defeat Kyouko. Well, that’s that for– Wait, nevermind. Apparently all those souls that Kyouko stole has given her immortality. And just when it looks like things are looking bad for our heroes, Yuu appears. To be continued!

#6: Kyouko Oh No!

Well as it turns out, Kyouko’s been searching for Yuu. She tried to implicate her as the serial killer to take Ayumu, and her powers away from her.

Aw great. She’s another psychotic bitch…

Realizing what she’s up against, Yuu grabs Mysteltainn and transforms into a Masou-Shoujo. Turns out that Yuu’s not only a necromancer, but she’s also the most powerful Masou-Shoujo in existence. Ayumu realizes that stronger magic can absorb weaker magic and can even attract megalos. In other words, everything up until now has happened because it’s being drawn to Yuu’s powers.

Kyouko uses the same powers Ayumu has (Increasing her strength at the cost of damaging herself), but that does nothing to Yuu, who’s left with no choice but to use the power of her words to stop her…

Ayumu realizes why Yuu reacted the way she did towards Haruna a few episodes back. Since she knows firsthand what death feels like, she knows that it is a very serious matter and gets upset when people don’t take it seriously. Kyouko decides to rip out her eardrums, thus making it impossible for her to hear Yuu’s voice, and then uses a destructive magic attack that defeats her. Everyone else tries to fight her, but then she ends up killing herself in order to regenerate her broken eardrums.

Ayumu gets the resolve to fight and unfortuantely for Kyouko, he can’t die. So he finishes off every single life of her and pushes her down to her last life.

Man, the teacher is just as bad as her students. Also, why is it that male Masou-Shoujo keep their clothes when they de-transform, but females don’t?

Ariel, Haruna and Kyouko’s teacher, appears to pick up her Kyo-tofu and Kyouko so she can reeducate her, and to show Ayumu that she’s not to be trifled with, especially if someone messes with her students, he almost sets him on fire.

Well then. Ayumu found the identity of his killer and took her down. I guess we can all– Oh wait, the season’s only halfway over. Kyouko regains consciousness, but it’s not Kyouko in control, it’s Yoru no Ou possessing her. He gives everyone, Yuu in particular, a warning that he’ll be showing up soon and disappears with Kyouko. It turns out Yoru no Ou is a zombie that was under Yuu’s servitude before Ayumu was, but he became malevolent so she was forced to destroy him.

Apparently, she didn’t destroy him enough. I guess in this show, some people won’t die, even when they’re killed.

#7: So I Married a Vampire-Ninja

I’m learning alot today.

All right, so Ayumu has to keep his grades from falling behind so as to avoid taking summer classes. Since zombies can’t take direct sunlight, summer school is an issue for him. Luckily, Haruna is there to help tutor him, particularly with math since she can solve equations by simply looking at them. She gets it right, but she never does the work that leads to answer. Yuu instead does all the work. Man, I wish I had these two as my math tutors.

But now he has two problems: A megalo has appeared in town, and it’s blazing hot so has to get to where the megalo is while staying in shaded area. Meanwhile, Ariel is sending Ayumu somethimg to keep for her for awhile.

A horse? I suppose it’s not as weird as pedobears or flying whales, but that is pretty damn out there.

So apparently, being a Masou-Shoujo gives him immunity to direct sunlight. Anyway, the horse megalo isn’t the only one around. There’s a group of jellyfish megalo and they’re here to do naughty stuff!

Oh my Lord, tentacle rape!!!

So a  ramen delivery boy comes in, wielding tonkotsu ramen soup. He uses it to take out the megalos. He is revealed to be Maelstrom, a vampire-ninja from a faction that Sera opposes. When Ayumu tries to help him up, Haruna pushes them into each other, resulting in a accidental kiss. Ewww, you kissed a guy. Wait, that’s a girl!!! Hmm, I should’ve paid more attention to the header image…

So Maelstrom shows Ayumu and Sera the secret behind the destructive power of tonkotsu soup. Her crew goes around town stealing recipes and something about universal string theory that sounds too much of an infodump to fit in the episode. Also, Sera reveals that when vampire-ninja kisses someone of the opposite gender, whatever the circumstances, it results in the two being married. So just right now, Ayumu is now married to Maelstrom.

Back at the house, a tanabata tree is being constructed, and Haruna tells the story of Santa Claus. I think it’s supposed to be Santa Claus. I don’t know, the imagery gives him over 9000 levels of GARness.

So everyone makes a wish on the tanabata tree. They’re ridiculous. Something about Yuu swimming in veggies pickled in soy sauce, Sera wanting all disgusting things gone from the world (zombies, too.), and Haruna wanting the earth turned into an hard-boiled egg.

So someone gives Ayumu glasses that when seen through, it shows their underwear. What kinda glasses…? Also Maelstrom has a human alias, which is Tomonori er… Yuki Yoshida. Yuki’s read as Tomonori. I can’t tell if Ayumu is lucky or just unfortuanate…

#8: Masouception

Those glasses were supposed to be sent to Sera. Why she needs glasses like those, I have no idea. Well, next morning, Haruna wakes up to a very strange and erotic dream about Ayumu. So she beats him up, while she’s asleep and blaming him for her erotic dreams. What the fuck, that doesn’t make any sense!!!!!

Again, no luck at all. Ayumu is not only put on for messing with Haruna in her dreams (which he didn’t do), but for getting Mael in wedlock. God, help this poor zombie. Anyway, Haruna’s prepped a new lunch for Ayumu and his class: Seaweed of the Gods!! Meanwhile, Maelstrom, or Yoshida or Tomonori or whatever she wants to call herself, is asking her two friends advice on how to get Ayumu to like her.

I actually do wish that some muscular guy in a Luchador mask would walk up to me and tell me to shut up. That would make my day.

So Sera gets a secret message that can only be read by the glasses she recieved. Someone should’ve designed those glasses better, because they work way too good. Anyway, the contents of the message is never revealed, but it seems to mention Yuu…

Seeing as though Haruna has a tendency to not wear any clothes, this is a very momentous occasion. So take a very good look at this, because we may never see another moment like this ever again.

Anyway, Ayumu takes everyone out. Well, I guess no one could possibly make things go wrong, right? Other than Haruna being pissy as usual?

…or maybe some guy who looks like Ayumu’s long-haired twin brother?

Not only is she cute and great at math, but she’s also a master at the claw machine. Tell me, why is she so perfect?

So yeah, when vampire-ninja kisses someone of the same gender, it doesn’t count as marriage.  *cough*bullshit. Anyway, Haruna asks Ayumu to do a kinda strange request: to kiss him. Well, that seems… huh? And she does it through force. God, save our poor zombie from this crazy pissy brat.

I know being a zombie means he can take whatever physical abuse that comes his way, but this is just… wrong.

Meanwhile, a face that’s all too familiar to Yuu appears before her…

Uh-oh, we’re in trouble. Something’s come along and it’s burst our bubble. (Yeah, yeah)

#9: The Disappearance of Eucliwood Hellscythe

Grr, this guy. He’s like Izaya Orihara with Gin Ichimaru’s seiyuu.

So this is Yoru no Ou…

As it turns out, Sera was under orders by her superiors to kill Yuu because her powers were the cause of the recent megalo attacks. Sera was torn between her decision to kill her and abide by her vampire-ninja law, or go against the law and risk who knows what. A very sadistic choice.

Anyway, the reason why Yoru no Ou has taken Yuu is because he wants her to grant his wish. And if she doesn’t, he’ll make Ayumu and the others pay the price…

Oh no. It’s just like that same scene in Professor Layton and the Curious Village.

He’s doing this so as to break Yuu and make her lose her grip on her emotions. And you know what’ll happen if Yuu loses her grip on her emotions, right? A giant doll thing was awakened because of Yuu attacks Ayumu and the group are powerless against it. Until Ariel comes in and save their skins.

Although the whatever-it-is his been dealt with, Maelstrom gets posessed by something called Masticore, which goes outta control. Apparently, this is what Ariel has sent for Ayumu to hold onto. Did Ariel ever bother making sure this thing works right before giving it to anyone? Apparently not, because this thing’s going nuclear! Ayumu manages to reach to Maelstrom and stop the self-destruction.

Yoru no Ou backs off for the time being, but he’ll be back as much as it takes for Yuu to grant his wish. She regroups with the rest of the group. As they head home, she decides to make a brief stop at the convenience store. Ayumu finds a note from Yuu that she slipped in his pocket before they parted ways. It said that she believes that as long as she stays with Ayumu and the others, they’re in constant danger and decided to distance herself from them to protect them from herself.

Ayumu checks back at the tanabata tree to look at the wishes everyone wrote. That reminds me, we never did see what he wrote. So, wish for anything in particular, Ayumu?

Uhh… Well, let’s look… on the bright side of things: At least we won’t have to worry about swimming in soy sauce-pickled veggies or zombies being purged from the world or the earth being turned into an egg… *laughing nervously* Oh my God, how could you write something like that, Ayumu?!! Didn’t anyone tell you to be careful what you wish for?!

From here, the show goes into serious business. Maybe a little too serious for this show. Damn you, Yoru no Ou…

10: Yoruno Must Die

Several months have passed since Yuu’s disappearance and Ayumu has spent that time endlessly looking for her. Although things are as if she never left, it’s just not the same. Someone once said “You’ll never realize what’s important to you until you’ve lost it”. Ayumu just lost someone he deeply cares about and… Oh God, why did this happen? Please come back to meeeee, Yuu!!!!  。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。

Sera returns, having been attacked by her superiors for disobeying the orders given to her. Meanwhile, a package has arrived: An Antonio Stradivarius violin. Apparently Sera used to play in a band.

That’s a bullshit excuse and you know it.

That night, Ayumu continues his search for Yuu when he sees a guy named Yoruno talk to an old lady about something irrevelant to the matter at hand. Something about flea shampoo. Wait a minute… Yoruno, Yoru no Ou…

No, you’re just messing with him by not even close to being right. Try “Because you drove her away”!

So if you figured it out, Yoruno is like an evil opposite to Ayumu; kinda like Wario is to Mario, like Shadow the Hedgehog is to Sonic the Hedgehog, like Venom is to Spider-Man, like Sabretooth is to Wolverine, like The Abomination is to The Incredible Hulk, like Gideon Gordon Graves is to Scott Pilgrim, like Mandark is to Dexter. …I’m getting off-track, aren’t I?

Anyway, not even Yoruno knows where Yuu ran off to. He suspects that she might’ve went back to the underworld. So in order to drive her out of hiding, he decides to kill Ayumu and his friends. A fight between the two zombies begin; Yoruno has the upper hand due to his black mist powers. When Maelstrom and Sarasvati, Sera’s superior, steps in, Yoruno makes a hasty retreat.

Hey, just because you’re the Big Bad doesn’t mean you can jumble words up to make yourself look enigmatic. You are still bound by the rules of proper grammar.

The next day, Ayumu gets a call from Maelstrom, informing him that they’ve found where Yoruno lives so he can go there. Meanwhile outside, Sera sees Yuu outside the door, but Yoruno gets to her first, mortally injuring Sera in the process. Before she leaves, Yuu gives Sera a drop of her blood which heals her wound.  Ayumu and Haruna immediately rush to where Yoruno’s apartment is, and finds him and Yuu.

“We would be honored if you would join us.”

So… Yoruno made them dinner. Erm… OK, we can have dinner while Ayumu kicks some zombie ass! Uh, not his own ass, mind you. Or guess not. Anyway, Yoruno reveals to Ayumu his “wish”…

Wait, we do? Also, I love how Haruna is making a pig of herself over the spaghetti. For all we know, Yoruno probably could’ve drugged it with something.

Yoruno has grown rather bored of being immortal and is seeking a permanent end to his life. Which is why he needs Yuu since she’s the only one who has the power to kill him. Surrounded by vampire-ninjas, Yoruno makes another getaway with Yuu. But before he leaves, he sets a weird-looking bomb on Haruna’s head. This bomb can stick on someone’s head and can jump around on anyone that comes near it. Haruna tries to disarm it, but ends up cutting the wrong wire and speeding up the timer. Left with no other choice, Ayumu takes the bomb himself and blows up…

Oh, okay. That’s just great…

Because this show is contractually obligated to have at least one zombie in the cast to avoid cancellation, as of this moment, Yoruno is now the star of this show. So watch the next episode. Seriously, we need to keep the ratings up!

#11: Zombie VS Zombie

Well. The good news is that since Ayumu’s a zombie, it’s easy to patch him back up in one piece. The bad news is that he’s not waking up. Not even Sera’s secret poison will wake him up. The reason this is so is because he hates himself for letting Yoruno escape with Yuu and believes that she doesn’t want to be with him. Haruna calls Ariel to ask for her help. She uses her magic to put Haruna inside Ayumu’s mind so she can knock some sense into him. I mean, literally knock some sense into him.

Geez. Even in Ayumu’s own dream world, there’s no escape from Haruna’s abuse.

I suppose it works, although I would’ve thought of other non-violent methods. Ayumu wakes up and gets his resolve back, and just in time as a group of megalos have gathered near Tokyo Tower, where Yoruno and Yuu are.

Oh, he’s not joking around here. The absense of the eyecatch means he’s serious.

So here we are. Final battle!

I love how Yoruno takes the time to greet his enemies. Such a nice guy. Too bad they have to beat the snot out of him.

Yoruno is still trying to pressure Yuu into killing him, which she’s not willing to do. More of this pressure cause her to summon more megalos. He seems to take great pleasure seeing her in total despair, the bastard.

You’re one to talk! I take back what I said earlier; you’re a jackass! Stupid eskimo.

Anyway, Sarasvati has told Sera that the gates to the underworld has opened and since she has Yuu’s blood within her, she is the only one capable of closing them. So for some reason (Yeah, I don’t know either), Mysteltainn starts talking to Haruna. It speaks through revving up and apparently Haruna understands what it’s saying.

“What was that, magic chainsaw?” “Burn everything, Haruna. Burn it to the ground!”

It tells her to transform with Ayumu and combine their powers against Yoruno.

Using their full-power Masou Shoujo power, Ayumu and Haruna manages to take away Yoruno’s black mist powers, but the resulting explosion sends Haruna blasting off in the process, leaving Ayumu to fight Yoruno by himself on equal footing. So while they beat the living hell out of each other, Ayumu and Yoruno argue about what makes them different when it comes to knowing Yuu. Ayumu’s trying to figure out as to why Yoruno has known her the longest yet knows nothing of her feelings.

…while he punches him through his head, knocking his brains out! I don’t care; zombie or not, that’s gotta hurt. Yoruno tells Ayumu that eventually he’ll grow tired of immortality too, but Ayumu retorts by saying something along the lines of “Bitch please, I have a harem and you don’t.” So, I’m not sure if Ayumu’s words had an impact on him (Or if it was the brain damage), Yoruno has a change of heart and Yuu gives him his proper sendoff. And when he’s dying, Yoruno says the weirdest thing that I’m not sure if it was supposed to be heartwarming or hilarious. Judging by the context of this show, I’d say it’s supposed to be both.

Bye-Bye, Yoruno. Maybe you’ll end up living in Tokyo-3 with a sexy blue-haired drunk. Well, the megalo invasion has been thwarted by the vampire-ninja-maid orchestra, and the season’s serious business streak has come to its conclusion. It’s finally over… sort of. Ayumu wants Yuu to come back with her, even if it means dragging her back home with him. At first, I was just gonna yell at the computer screen and say “Tell the girl you love her, man!”, but then this happens!!

Excuse me for one moment, please.


Whew!! *drinks a whole bottle of water* I might as well wrap it here, folks. There’s no topping that.

OK, you want an explanation, right? Thought so. The show doesn’t exactly have one, but I can think of one. Short answer: Her voice is cute, so who the hell cares? Long answer: Remember when she stated that she doesn’t know which words will become empowered? Maybe she got lucky and said the words that didn’t become magic.

It’s a Kodak moment.

Well, that’s the end of the season. Stay tuned for Kore wa Zombie desu ka? of the Dead, coming next month.

Oh wait, one more episode… *grumble* Do I have to?

12: Kore wa Finale desu ka?

Obviously not… 😛

I guess one of every 1000 drawings will be the lucky winner. I don’t have the time or money to find out myself, so don’t take my word for it.

Anyhoo, I’m just gonna skim through this episode because I thought this episode was pretty meh. I mean compared to how the previous episode ended, this one feels like it should’ve been a DVD/BD special or an OVA episode.

You’re probably wondering why I’m not so enthusiastic about this episode. One reason is that the damned episode is a cocktease. I died last episode when Yuu spoke. She had such a cute voice and I thought she was gonna speak more often but no, she’s back to the notepad…

So they’re going to the waterpark, the girls show off their swimsuits. Haruna gets jelly because Sera and Yuu has a chest, but she doesn’t. That’s right, Yuu’s barely a pettanko and yet she still beats out Ms. Itty-Bitty-Titty. As much as I am a firm believer of Flat is Justice, if you’re an ironing board like Haruna here, well… you get the idea. Oddly enough, Yuu is seen without her chestplate. What, is that an optional piece of armor, or can she turn it into a swimsuit? OK, moving right along.

So Sera has noticed how Yuu is warming up more often, but it’s not like Ayumu does. Say it with me now: Oblivious Male Harem Protagonist.

Anyway, it turns out there’s an idol singer contest going on and Lovely Kirara, aka Sarasvati is on stage, stealing the hearts of the crowd. While she’s trying to piece together what she’s doing out of the shadows, Sera finds herself involved into this mess and begins a singing battle with Saras.

Apparently, idol singing makes vampire-ninjas into Newtypes.

Haruna, being well… Haruna, wants in and ends up thrashing not only through the rankings, but the stage too. Seriously, look at this. Does anyone care that’s she’s causing mass property damage with her “performance”? Hello, expensive guitar smashed to pieces? Destroying stage equipment with a chainsaw?

Yuu hears all the commotion from the singing competition and also wants in. Nooooooooooooo! Wait… Yes!!! Wait… How?

This device here that Ariel pulled out of hammerspace can transfer even the most powerful magic from one person to another, so Yuu can participate in the singing competition while Ayumu holds onto her powers.

Well, so long as Haruna’s tomfoolery is put to a stop, I’m fine. Yuu’s song is the only part of the episode that I actually enjoy because we get to hear her cute voice again singing such a beautiful song. *sigh* ♥ It’s quite a surprise that there’s enough stage left after Haruna almost trashed it.

So like halfway into the song, she has to stop singing because Ariel’s device runs out of battery power, thus returning her powers back to her. Does she ever bother making sure stuff works before using it?!!! Anyway, Haruna steps in to have Yuu use her powers and they both sing a duet.

So, Ayumu is distracted by Sera’s outfit and ends up saying out loud that all girls should wear skimpy bikinis. Remember, Ayumu’s holding Yuu’s power to twist the very fabric of reality and thus can make whatever he says come to pass. You know what that means, right?

OK, I admit it. I did find that actually pretty funny. But that doesn’t excuse the rest of the episode from being meh! Maybe this waste of episode space is the reason why the next season has 10 episodes instead of 12.

From what I’ve heard, this character here will be a major one in the next season, so keep an eye out.

Well, that’s the end of the season. Stay tuned for Kore wa Zombie desu ka? of the Dead, coming next month.

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