Recorder and Randsell Re♪ (First Impressions)

Don't forget: He's a child, and she's a teenager. I bet shotacons and lolicons are feeling rather confused right now.

Alright, show of hands: Who here didn’t expect Recorder and Randsell to get a second season immediately after the first? Nobody? Didn’t think so. Since its predecessor, Morita-san wa Mukuchi, also did the same, I’m not surprised either.

To be fair, I thought this show was okay. It’s humorous and kinda cute but the show’s main running gag of Atsushi constantly getting arrested for being a potential pedophile started getting stale after awhile. The last episode of the previous season actually made note of that too, like Ms. Moriyama, Atsushi’s teacher, knows about his situation and bails him out every time. The second season starts with the new first-graders mistaking Atsushi for a teacher. Likewise, the same issue with Atsumi is present, where the new high-schoolers mistake her for a child. Where have these people been last season? Anyway, the good thing is that Atsushi doesn’t get arrested. Huzzah!

So am I gonna continue watching? Sure. I mean it’s not like I don’t have three minutes to kill, anyway. Hopefully, it can come up with some better jokes what with the material and duration for each episode, and maybe the police can finally realize that they’ve been arresting an 11-year old…

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