Accel World (First Impressions)

Hey, Shu. Someone’s trying to out-beta you!

Accel World is an 24-episode TV anime produced by Sunrise which is adapted from the light novel written by Reki Kawahara and Hiroyuki Aigamo. The story goes like this: In the year 2046, people have the ability to access a virtual network called Neurolinker. A junior high school student named Haruyuki Arita always finds himself a target for bullies because of his short, chubby, unattractive appearance and low self-esteem, so he spends most his time in the school’s virtual world. His avatar is a pig; No wonder why everyone makes fun of him. This guy is about as beta as, if not more than Shu Ouma from Guilty Crown. (Funny, considering Yuki Kaji voices them both.) Anyway, he spends his time playing Squash, where he holds all the records on the leaderboards, mainly because no one else plays the game but him. Sometime later, he finds that someone has beat his highest score on Squash. The student council vice-president, an upperclassman who goes by Kuroyuki-hime, offers Haruyuki the chance to “destroy his own reality” by installing a program called Brain Burst into his neuro-link. Brain Burst accelerates the user’s brainwaves and sends him/her into an Accelerated World, a dimension in which time travels 1000 times faster than normal. It almost looks like the real world’s time has been frozen. Using Brain Burst, Haruyuki manages to get his bullies in trouble. The next day, when he accelerates, he finds himself having taken the appearance of a Kamen Rider-lookalike, and is being challenged by some Ghost Rider-lookalike.

Jeez Louise, this guy is such a wimp! And not a lot of people take kindly to this type of protagonists. I’m not gonna drop the show because of that. He might just man up before the halfway point. That aside, I do like the premise and the animation, so I suppose I’ll keep watching. And I hope he loses weight before the series ends.

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