Mysterious Girlfriend X (First Impressions)

Happy Easter Sunday, WordPress. I got a fever, and the only prescription is the drool of that new girl in the class.

Mysterious Girlfriend X (Nazo no Kanojo X) is a 13-episode TV anime produced by Hoods adapted from the manga by Riichi Ueshiba. The story goes like this: A rather unusual girl named Mikoto Urabe transfers into the class and she’s prone to random bursts of laughter. She draws the attention of one Akira Tsubaki, especially after he tastes her saliva. Ewww, that’s gross… Afterwards, he starts having weird dreams about her, very weird dreams, and he’s able to remember every single little detail about them. Even worse, he starts falling ill all of a sudden. Urabe says that the reason Akira fell ill is because he’s going through withdrawal symptoms after going two weeks without her drool. So when she gives him more, he’s all better. Actually the real reason is because he’s just lovesick. And what, her spit cured all that?

The next day, Akira and Urabe walk home together and she gives him more drool. He has to have some of her spit every day or else he’ll go through more withdrawals. So when Akira asks Urabe to be his girlfriend, she requests him to use the right “approach”. Akira’s approach is to show her a picture of his middle school crush and tear it apart right in front of her. This causes Urabe to puke out tons of drool. So the reason for her random burst of laughter on her first day was because she heard a voice that made her think that Akira would be her first sex partner. And thus is the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Yeeeeeeeeeah…

I’m gonna go throw up now. Excuse me one moment.

OK, I’m done… The fuck did I just watch?! The only thing I can think of this show is that it’s gross! Like seriously. He has to taste her drool to avoid getting sick, honestly?! Ugh, that’s nasty!!! That aside, I thought this was a fine start. Unfortunately, I get the feeling that this may be a series that I’m most likely to drop this season, but we’ll see what happens next episode.

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