Kids on the Slope (First Impressions)

This is probably the only noitaminA show that’s normal… and great!

Kids on the Slope (also known as Sakamichi no Apollon) is a TV anime produced by Tezuka Productions and MAPPA airing on the noitaminA block, adapted by the manga by Yuki Kodama. The story is like this: It’s the summer of 1966; a reserved student named Kaoru Nishimi transfers from Yokosuka to a new school in Kyushu. After a run-in with Sentaro Kawabuchi, one of the school delinquents who beats up a trio of asshole seniors that want to hog the rooftop, Kaoru just can’t seem to be rid of him. They, and Sentaro’s childhood friend and class representative, Ritsuko Mukae, finds similar interests in music, Although Sen prefers jazz music, Kaoru is favorable of classical.

OMG, I don’t think a show can impress me this much from the first episode alone the way this show did. Seriously, great animation, interesting story and characters. Even though I’m not a fan of music genre of anime, this show hooked me in. What’d you expect from Cowboy Bebop‘s director Shinichiro Watanabe and music composer Yoko Kanno? Definitely looking forward to watching this series.

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