Zetman #2 & #3: For Great Justice!

I’m happy to announce that The Darkstar Blog will be blogging Zetman for the Spring 2012 anime season. By the way, I heard that the first episode adapted the entire first volume of the manga. 12 chapters in one episode! Didn’t the first episode of InuYasha: The Final Act do that too?!

Kouga will become justice? Why does that sound familiar?

Alright, So Episode 2 jumps to a few years later where our characters have gotten older now. A pyrokinetic Player has been causing trouble around town. Wow, I’ve been saying that this show has some X-Men-sorta vibe to it and I was right; this guy totally reminds me of Pyro.

Two old geezers in a fistfight. I'm suddenly reminded of Metal Gear Solid 4.

So Konoha and her mother helping give food to homeless old people when two of them start fighting. Jin comes in and breaks up the fight. Konoha recognizes that it’s Jin by the Angel’s Ring marking on his left hand.

Anyway, the Amagi corporation has been trying to reporduce ZET, but each one ends up failing, so they need to capture the original. Meanwhile at Kouga’s ceremony, Konoha has a reunion with her grandfather, Mitsugai, and she apparently is not on good terms with him.

Afterwards, Kouga and some of Amagi corp’s employees who were motivated by Kouga’s idealism head out to take on the arsonist. Jin is led to where the arsonist, the pyrokinetic Player, has struck as well and they go at it. Meanwhile, Kouga is in the same burning building and he runs into Jin. They both find a mother and her children inside and Kouga suggests that they only save the children and leave the mom behind. Jin, however, isn’t going through with that and decides to save all of them. To be fair, Jin’s plan worked alot better than Kouga’s.

So anyway, Jin is having trouble against the pyrokinetic Player due to the flames around them making him invulnerable. He transforms into The Charisma and finishes him off.

"Looks like you need a hand, pal. Because I just tore yours off."

Jin comes out and falls unconscious. Konoha finds him and takes him to the infirmary. Mitsugai overhears that Jin has the Angel’s Ring. The episode ends with Jin waking up to find a ZET-Prototype with Akemi’s corpse, which leads into Episode 3.

So Kouga isn’t very happy that he took the credit for the rescue of that woman and her children, when it should’ve been Jin getting all the praise. We get a flashback to when they first met. Kouga was chasing down a purse-snatcher when Jin came in and knocked him out. 

"Pay up, or else you're gonna have to find yourself another manpurse."

Back to the hospital, Akemi’s death sets off Jin, causing him to transform into what Mitsugai refers to as ZET, although according to the scientist, it’s in its incomplete form.

It's starange, watching Persona 4 last season and I can't help but hear Yu Narukami as Jin. Obviously, Jin won't ever have as much swag as Yu.

Despite being in an incomplete form, Jin still manages to defeat the Prototype, but sees himself in his ZET form at the reflective glass that’s concealing Mitsugai and his scientists. Apparently, ZET’s body is deteiorating and it’s because the Player hasn’t been destroyed. If the Player ZET has found is destroyed, then ZET will return to human form. So Akemi’s corpse comes in, and it’s become a Player, which one of Mitsugai’s operatives kill.

Apparently, Kanzaki manipulated the Amagi corporation so that ZET becomes a human. Meanwhile, the Amagi corporation had used the arson incident from the previous episode for profit, which Kouga isn’t happy about. His sense of justice seems to come from his favorite anime called Alphas, but Konoha can’t help but wonder if his idea of justice is just a way for him to get fame…

Meanwhile, Mitsugai shows Jin something called the Ring of Exposure, which is similiar to Jin’s Angel Ring in which it can transform someone from human to monster form. Also it turns out the Amagi Corporation needed to raise funds, which is the reason for the Player fights, but since the Players escaped, he and Kanzaki created a countermeasure known as a Hunter, which is Jin. They had an argument, which led to Kanzaki taking Jin and raising him as a human.

Also, it turns out that Akemi is alive and well. The Akemi Jin fought earlier was a Player. Mitsugai explains that as long as Jin stays with Akemi, she is in constant danger of being attacked by Players. So Mitsugai gives Jin two choices: Either live as a human like Kanzaki wanted him too, or become ZET and destroy the Players.


Jin agrees to become ZET on one condition: the Amagi Corporation helps fix the scar on Akemi’s face and get her back together with her child.

And, that’s the start of Zetman. I’m really liking this show so far and looking forward to blogging this.

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