The Future Diary #25 & #26(END): Endgame

Yes, let’s please be rid of this show once and for all.

Oh, Future Diary. Nowadays, you’re no different from Bleach: You start out good and enjoyable to watch, but then you get lousier and lousier near the end. Only instead of a story that’s dragged out, you have a really stupid and psychotic bitch. You’re easy to make fun of now, just like Guilty Crown.

So Episode 25 starts with the ambulance that Yukiteru called arriving at the Gasai residence. Yuno’s dad, Ushio, comes home with them and apparently the mom is the abusive parent in the third world.

Anyway, Yuno-1 does what she does best: Kill everyone. He murders Ushio-3 and tries to kill the medical personnel before MurMur stops her from upsetting causality.

Seriously, this show had some QUALITY animation most of the time, but this episode looks the worst of all.

Meanwhile, Minene and Yukiteru are escaping with Yuno-3, and Yukiteru wants to save both Yuno-1 and Yuno-3. What?! Screw that, just kill Yuno-1. At least Yuno-3 has a chance of redemption. Anyway, Yukiteru gets to the school where he finds Yuno-1 and MurMur waiting for him.

Meanwhile, Minene is talking with Kurusu-3 on the phone, telling him that his son will die in the next two years because of his heart disorder. Yukiteru is trying to avoid MurMur’s attacks, but it’s no good since she using Yuno’s diary to track his every move. Upon looking at his diary, Yukiteru sees that he’s going to meet his DEAD END by getting stabbed by Yuno-1. He decides to take Yuno-1’s diary while avoiding his DEAD END by running up to her, but Yuno-1 throws a knife at him.

Yukiteru’s words to Yuno-1 made her aim get thrown off, Yukiteru barely dodging the knife. MurMur and Minene go at it in a poorly drawn fight scene. I mean, really poorly drawn.

Yuno-1 uses Deus’s core to grant control of that sphere thing and uses it to trap Yukiteru inside. Meanwhile, everyone in the city, including all the third world diary keepers-to-be start noticing the explosion at Sakurami middle school.

As much as I’m starting to dislike this show more, Yomotsu is still the best character in this show.

Anyway, Yukiteru finds himself back in his own house, with his parents alive and together. Yuno-1 used the sphere to trap Yukiteru inside a Lotus-Eater Machine where neither Yuno nor her name exists, so if Yukiteru tries to call out her name, it gets drowned out. So Yuno-1 basically says something that sums up to loving Yukiteru. OK, I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: I’m not convinced that Yuno-1 actually loves Yukiteru. This show constantly tries so desperately, and fails to make her sympathetic and it’s not working.

Meanwhile, Minene approaches up to Yuno-1, having taken out MurMur offscreen. Yuno-1 destroys MurMur’s bracelets which acted as a restraining bolt for her latent powers and then she curbstomps Minene, and Yuno-1 finds the unconscious Yuno-3 and it looks like nothing’s gonna stand in her way of killing her…

Also it turns out that Ushio-3 is kinda a perv.

I can understand why Yuno-1 killed him. He made fun of her breast size.

Episode 26 (The Final Episode) begins with Yukiteru supposedly enjoying his life in the phantom world. MurMur patches up Ushio-3’s wound so as to not upset causality.

So you’re gonna relive the same 26 episodes over and over again. What with how lousy this show has gotten, dare I say it could be worse than Endless Eight?

Yuno-3 regains consciousness and Yuno-1 tells her that her parents will never understand her suffering and that the only way out is through death. Yuno-3 doesn’t think so; she still loves her parents despite all the Hell she’s put through.  Meanwhile, an upset in causality is occuring, thus altering the future of the third world.

Tsubaki-3 doesn’t end up corrupting the Omekata cult and Reisuke-3’s parents doesn’t join, meaning he won’t become Evil Toddler Kevin McAllister. Meanwhile, Yomotsu-3 has caught Hiyama-3. Hell yeah! Doesn’t matter which world we’re in, Yomotsu’s still awesome!

Obligatory Yomotsu image, because… Yomotsu!

Hinata-3 is on good terms with her dad, Kamado-3 recieves aid from Backs-3 to support the orphanage, and Backs-3 is informed of his future thanks to his prototype Future Diary. He tells this to Deus-3, who then reconsiders the process of selecting his successor.

Yuno-1 tries to stab Yuno-3, but Ushio-3 takes the hit. As it turns out, since Yukiteru changed Yuno-3’s future, she was able to stay with her parents. Meanwhile inside the phantom world, Yukiteru tells his parents that he must go back, and with a scream of Yuno’s name, he breaks out of the sphere, along with MurMur-2 who was trapped in there too.

So Yukiteru returns and tells Yuno-1 to stab him so she can return to the second world and become the God, but instead she stabs herself. And with that, the bitch is dead.

So now Yukiteru and MurMur-2 return to thhe second world so he can become God. We get a “Where Are They Now?” montage and see what everyone’s up to in the Third World.

Meanwhile in the second world, we jump to 10,000 years after Yukiteru-2 became God, and apparently where he and MurMur-2 are at the moment, there are no barbers. Seriously, check out that mullet!

“…and I don’t mean fall in love with anyone. I mean you have to fall in love with an unlikable person who stalks you all the time, wants all of your close friends dead, and drugs you and hold you hostage against your will.”

Anyway, he’s mopey because he is unable to live in a world without Yuno. Well, that’s his opinion. Personally, a world without a creepy-ass psycho-bitch stalking me is a world I can get behind. Meanwhile, an all too familiar voice calls out to Yukiteru-2 as his last diary entry suddenly changes…

What? Huh? What the fuuu–? Apparently, there was more after that, but you won’t find out unless you read the manga. Either way, Confusing end to an equally confusing series, in my honest opinion. I do not understand why folks watch this show/read this manga just to see Yuno. She’s a stupid, unsympathetic, selfish, psychotic bitch, and even if you don’t give two shits about her like I do, the story becomes a confusing one; It started out cool and all, but started to get weaker as it went along. Well, that’s my two cents. The rest of you have fun with your dumb yandere. I’m out.

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