tsuritama #2: Fish or Die

Well, I’ve decided to blog tsuritama too. This is a strange one, this show. Then again, since it’s on the noitaminA block, that is to be expected.

If you recall, that is Haru, a quirky guy who claims to be an alien.

So in this episode, Yuki starts his fishing mis-adventures with his new alien (or so he claims to be) friend Haru. Also, we meet Haru’s sister, who’s not as quirky as Haru but shares the same habits of claiming to be an alien and shooting people in the face with a water gun.

Apprently they need to catch some fish in order to return to their home planet, or else the Earth will be destroyed. I don’t believe a lick of all this alien talk; I think they’re just screwing around with Yuki.

One thing I forgot to mention about Natsuki: He gets irritated when someone refers to him as “Fishing Prince”, especially at school. Also we learn that he’s kinda a tsundere. He’s tsun towards Yuki and Haru, but dere around his little sister, Sakura.

You already know what'll happen. Those two guys who claims to be aliens will shoot you in the face with water guns.

So apparently the water gun can control people. Haru uses it to make Natsuki explain again how to tie a uni knot since he wasn’t gonna explain it more than once. So while they’re fishing, Yuki grabs a fish, but his nervousness gets himself trapped in his own imaginary ocean. So he loses the sea bass, and one of Natsuki’s lures, because he didn’t tie his uni know right..

Yuki decides to quit being Haru’s friend, and Haru gets advice from his grandmother, saying that so long as he doesn’t bother Yuki, then they’ll be friends. He gets his uni knot right and tells Haru that he’ll start fishing again. The next day, Yuki shows Natsuki that he got the uni knot tied up and asks him to teach him to fish.

Of course something's not right. You and that duck of yours spent probably several minutes buried underneath sand and neither of you look like you're suffocating.

Meanwhile, that Indian MiB from last episode has transferred into the class. His name is Akira Agarkar Yamada (I don’t think that’s his real name). He’s 25 years old and he carries around his pet duck, Tapioca.

What the hell kinda school allows 25-year olds with pet ducks to transfer into their school?

Yeah, this blogpost is pretty flimsy, and I missed some details here and there. Don’t worry, I’ll try to do better next time. Anyway I like this show, and I’m really going to enjoy watching and blogging this series. I’m hoping this’ll be one of my favorites this season.

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