Zetman #4: Another One Bites the Dust

Reminds me of this really sour gum I had once before.

What the heck happened to Zetman? It started out pretty good,and it’s still solid right now, but right now it seems to be running out of steam. I don’t want to quit blogging this series immediately after saying I would, but I don’t know. As long as the show doesn’t get bad, then I suppose it’ll be fine. I sure hope this gets better, or else I’ll have something to make fun of this season.Ok, so two years have passed since last episode… Wait, two years?! But we just jumped a few years a couple episodes ago?! That’s two timeskips in four episodes!! Anyway, a Player who can turn anyone he touches into sand is on the loose, and an innocent bystander was unlucky to drop in on him killing someone.

We get a flashback of what happened after Jin agreed to become ZET. He was given a kind of gum that will stimulate his transformation and a jacket that fuses with his body when he transforms. Anyway, we see Konoha and her mother at the Undertown serving food to the homeless again. Meanwhile, Kouga and his group are developing a superhero suit using the Amagi Corporation’s technology. Konoha sees Jin pass by and the bums state that thanks to him, violence against humans have gone down. She runs to him, but he tells her not to come around him, due to what Mitsugai warned him that Player may target anyone close to Jin. And then… DRAMATIC ART SHIFT!!!

Jin returns to his place to find that bystander from moments ago hiding inside. Now that I think about it, she looks kinda like Shiki Misaki’s friend from The World Ends With You, only fully dressed… and with braces. Anyway, she tells Jin about the Player she saw kill someone. The Player and his crew find them and one of them starts transforming; One of them tells him not to or else they’ll arouse the attention of the Sweeper. So Jin chews the Activation gum, but since it will take awhile for him to transform into ZET, he ends up taking a beating. Jin’s ZET transformation reaches 100% and turns the tide, and better (or worse?) his levels keep rising.

There appears to be a problem with Jin’s transformation. ZET has the wrong form, despite his levels rising more and more. Also, his body is disintegrating because the Player hasn’t been defeated yet. So it seems that just when they’re about to escape, the Sweeper shows up and reminds them about the rules of EVOL before destroying them. Jin goes back to human form, but then the Sweeper appears behind him and stabs him in the back!

I sure hope this isn't how Luis dies in Resident Evil 4 where he gets impaled by Saddler's... thing.

Pretty solid show so far, although the pacing seems really uneven. I wonder, was the manga like this?

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