tsuritama #3: So Haru is an alien?

Alright, let me get this out before I head off to Anime Central.

So last episode, you will recall that an Indian fellow by the name of Akira Agarkar Yamada has transferred into the same class as Yuki, Haru and Natsuki. Nobody questions why they let a 25-year old attend their school, nor do they question why he carries a duck around.

So in this episode, Natsuki teaches Yuki and Haru about casting., and suggests that they use a code when casting their lures. Natsuki uses Eno-shima Bowl as his code, which he has them use. Obviously, they never get the lure-casting right the first time around. Also, for some reason, Haru gets frightened when he sees Akira. Speaking of Akira, he and his pet duck, Tapioca, are pretty much strolling across town. What’s with that guy, anyway?

Keito, Yuki’s grandmother tells him and Haru that she’s going the hospital the next day because she’s not feeling well. This upsets Yuki because she told him at the last minute. Anyway, I’d like to shift my attention for a moment to Akira’s superior.

Who the fuck’s this guy? What, does Akira and his team take orders from a freakin’ drag queen? Anyway, Haru’s talking to his sister, Koko, who tells him that he should leave Yuki and avoid Akira. So I suppose they are aliens… Afterwards, he talks to Keito for a moment while she’s tending to her flowers. She thanks Haru for being Yuki’s friend and gives him some of the flowers for him to look at when he gets on bad terms with Yuki.

Of course, this doesn’t ease Yuki any more as he spends the rest of the week at home in his bed. Haru looks like he’s about to give up on Yuki, but he sees him still practicing the Enoshima Bowl.

So, right when Akira tells him to give up, Yuki gets a Gurren Lagann-esque facial expression and starts improving on the Enoshima Bowl until he gets it right, finally.

Yep, I’m convinced that this will be one of my favorites of this season. I’m not too sure about Zetman right now, but tsuritama is a definite continue for me. That aside, what with this episode raising a bunch of death flags for her, I’m getting the feeling that Keito won’t last the end of the series. I sure hope it doesn’t come to that…

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