Post-ACen Updates… and stuff

So I’m back from Anime Central and I’m feeling exhausted… So I’m gonna muse about some stuff today. Then, I’m gonna catch up on my anime and then get some rest for most of the day.

This year at Anime Central was great. Lots of great cosplayers there, outside of all the bronies. I think the biggest news to come out of Anime Central had to be FUNimation’s announcements of their acquisition of Eureka Seven: Astral Ocean as well as the cast of Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt.

Speaking of Panty & Stocking: I managed to catch the screening of the first two English dubbed episodes and meet a few of the cast members. Going by the first two episodes and the fact that the show was created for Western audiences in mind, I get the feeling that this might be another show where I prefer English over Japanese. Christopher Sabat is awesome as Garterbelt, by the way. So, I’m gonna buy the DVD coming out this July, and give a review when I finish watching. Oh, and here’s the trailer.

Moving right along with Zetman: I will continue blogging, but I’m gonna blog Episode #5 next week along with #6. I don’t know, I really had some expectations for this show, but after Episode 2, each episode feels weaker and weaker to me. Maybe because the pacing feels so awkward. So I heard, the first four episodes covered up to six volumes of the manga. I mean, I haven’t read the manga, but even I can tell that it’s being rushed. I think that’s worse than InuYasha: The Final Act when it comes to adapting the manga to anime. There’s been a change of plans: I’ve decided to drop Zetman. I’m just not up to watching it anymore. If TMS is gonna butcher it to the point that the pacing is too awkward to follow, then I’d rather read the manga instead.

Next up, some blogging announcements: I will be blogging Eureka Seven: Astral Ocean and Kore wa Zombie desu ka? of the Dead. Expect First Impressions posts for the former this week and the latter… when it gets there. I’m also considering blogging Pokemon Best Wishes semi-episodically, but first I need to catch up on this recent two-parter.

And one more thing: If you have a 3DS with the Nintendo Video app, the Kid Icarus: Uprising anime shorts have begun their second run on Nintendo Video. I’ve already blogged each one last season, so refer to Thanatos Rising, Medusa’s Revenge, and Palutena’s Revolting Dinner.

Well, that’s that. And I’m just gonna drop this image here for your enjoyment. And because I can. “Til next time, true-believers!

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