Eureka Seven: Astral Ocean (First Impressions)

Let me tell you about a show called Eureka Seven. I discovered it about a year after [adult swim] let the broadcast rights expire and it became one of my favorite anime. It was about a boy named Renton Thurston and a girl named Eureka and how they save the world with love, rainbows, and a giant robot. I then bought the movie, titled Good Night, Sleep Tight, Young Lovers and although I liked it, it didn’t quite live up to the caliber of the series in my opinion. And now when I heard that an actual sequel, not an alternate continuity is being made, I wasn’t sure if I was gonna love it like I did the first series or was gonna be disappointed like I was with the movie. Let’s find out, shall we?

Eureka Seven: Astral Ocean is 24-episode original TV anime produced by Bones and Bandai Visual, and it’s the sequel to Eureka Seven. The story goes like this:  Set twenty years after the events of the first series, a 13-year old boy who is most definitely not Renton and Eureka’s kid 😉 named Ao Fukai lives on a small island in Okinawa, which has recently became a country independent from Japan, with his childhood friend Naru Arata, a girl the same age as Ao who holds a mysterious power called Yuta. One day, a sudden outbreak of Scub Corals causes Scub Bursts and creatures known as G-Monsters start appearing.

Amidst the confusion of a G-Monster attacking Okinawa, Ao stumbles upon a strange bracelet and sees two words in it: “EUREKA” and “AO”. Reluctant to give it back to the people who had it before, Ao finds himself falling into the cockpit of an FP (Flying Platform) belonging to the Japan Allied Forces, which is actually the IFO known as Nirvash. The re-activation of the Nirvash causes Ao’s hair to change from brown to turquoise. Using the Nirvash, Ao manages to destroy the G-Monster and learn that he is actually a hybrid of human and Coralian.

OK, so the writers have already went on and confirm that Ao is indeed Renton and Eureka’s son. And let’s be honest: It wasn’t really much of a secret to begin with. That aside, I really like how this series starts. Although I would like to know what happened to Renton and Eureka between the first series and AO, and why they left Ao. Well, that’s a basic rundown of the first two episodes. I’m really looking forward to blogging this.

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