Pokémon BW79: Trainers like Suwama always piss me off…

So yeah. I mentioned that I would blog Pokémon Best Wishes!, but instead of blogging episodically like most shows, I’m just gonna blog an episode whenever a major event occurs, like a new capture or evolution. Now, without further ado…

As you know, Ash’s Tepig was abandoned by his former trainer for being weak, just like Charmander and Chimchar before him. And we get to meet the prick in this episode; His name is Suwana, a trainer who specializes in using Fire-type Pokémon. He’s first seen picking on a trainer who he just defeated, in case you didn’t realize that this guy is an asshole.

Look at this guy. Could the character designers make him look any more obviously jerkass?

I can’t believe the writers made a courtroom scene without at least one Ace Attorney reference. I demand there be dramatic finger pointing in every courtroom scene in anime!

Looks like Bright Noah taught Snivy the ways of the Brightslap. Good ol’ Brightslap never fails to turn a wimp into a man.

So anyway, a double battle between Ash and Suwama starts with Ash using Snivy and Tepig and Suwama using Heatmor and Emboar. However, Tepig goes through a Heroic BSoD when learning the real truth about why Suwama abandoned him, leaving Snivy to fight all by herself. But with a little push from Snivy, Tepig gets his resolve back. Suwama uses a combination attack with Heatmor’s Fire Spin and Emboar’s Flare Blitz against Tepig, but Snivy takes the hit and she is KO’d. Another push from Snivy gives Tepig more resolve, enough for him to evolve into Pignite.

Gee, didn’t see that one coming. I mean it was shown in the end credits and given the context of the episode, it’s not hard to suspect that this is where he’ll evolve. Anyway, what did surprise me is Pignite using Fire Pledge. Hopefully that means that Snivy and Oshawott will learn their respective Pledge moves eventually. Anyway with a Flame Charge, he KO’s both Heatmor and Emboar. Yeah, don’t ask how that happened. In the anime, the rules of the video games don’t mean shit.

So after he loses the battle, get this: Suwama tries to talk Pignite into coming back with him, but Pignite declines the offer by scorching his head. I would’ve preferred he slug the asshole, but that’s fine with me.

I figured that after Ash caught Tepig, that the writers would eventually be repeating Chimchar’s story: Fire Pokémon that was abandoned by its former trainer is then captured by Ash, which then evolves before it’s former trainer. I really hope that it doens’t come to that, because one of the issues I had with the Sinnoh saga was that Infernape stole most of the spotlight from the rest of Ash’s Sinnoh Pokémon. Here’s hoping the writers don’t do the same.

Well, that’s the start of my journey blogging Pokémon. Next episode will introduce Brycen, the 7th Unova gym leader, meaning a gym battle is across the corner. It seems to be just an introductory episode with the gym battle episode following afterwards. I’m gonna blog some Pokémon video games stuff too, particularly when Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 and Pokémon Conquest releases over here.

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