KoreZombie of the Dead #2: The Butt of All Jokes

In today’s episode of Kore wa Zombie desu ka?, Ayumu’s little stunt last episode becomes the most viewed video on YouTube YuaTobe, gaining over 10 million view in a few days. In your face, Justin Bieber! But at the same time, his life is utterly ruined… Forever!! And with Mysteltainn broken, Ayumu can’t use his Masou-Shoujo powers and therefore can’t use memory manipulation on his schoolmates. Like I said before, the only place where a guy can actually get away with crossdressing is at anime convention.

By the way, I did my research and it turns out that Gaia is the goddess of Earth and a primordial deity in Greek mythology. Unfortunately, it’s not yet safe to say if this has any relevance or if Ayumu is just making stuff up.

It’s a rainy day today. I suppose that’s a good thing for Ayumu. It means that the sun is not out and also it fits his current state right now. To make matters worse, his performance at school the other episode was posted on the internet for the entire world to witness his embarassment. When he decides to return to school, he finds out that his embarrasment has actually given him new popularity. Well, how about that? But at the same time, he’s shunned by Orito and Taeko has a thing for his legs the same way Sarasvati has for his butt.

So Ayumu runs back to the science prep room to find his imaginary drunk fairy girl.

Pish-posh, It’s not like your parents will know you’ve been drinking. (Disclaimer: The Darkstar Blog does not encourage underage drinking. It does, however, encourage imaginary underage drinking.)

She tells him to take some time off for awhile, enough for the heat of his newfound popularity to simmer down. He runs into Maelstrom, who invites him to take a trip up to the mountains the next night, which will help him clear his mind and rejuvenate himself. It was just gonna be between those two, but due to Ayumu’s big mouth, the other three girls get involved.

So while Haruna takes a pit stop but takes too long to come back, so Ayumu and Maelstrom has to go look for her. Honestly, they need to put a leash on her or something… So they find her running from something she calls “Boys Be Ambitious”, which turns out to be…

Bees. My God.

Haruna make a rather stupid stunt (It works only in her favor, that’s why it’s stupid.) by throwing Ayumu into the path of the bees, which ends up getting himself into a mess with a bear. A rather angry-looking bear. And that gets him into yet another mess with Sera as he ends up pulling down her pants. Whoops.

What is it with Haruna and bears? First, that pedobear and now this.

So the bear that apparently tried to maul Ayumu and Maelstrom is apparently nice to Haruna. I’ve given up trying to apply logic to this show; I’ve just decided to just go along with it. It’s better that way.

Hey hey hey, no bear puns! I’ve heard my fair share of those from Persona 4. Teddie started to become a bit un-bear-able. Great, now they got me doing it. This is kinda grizzly…

So I suppose that Maelstrom’s kinda adjusted to Ayumu’s friends. Which is a good thing becuase she really didn’t get much development since she only appeared in the second half of the season, and things went to serious business before they were able to give her any. Speaking of development, a trip to the mountains seems to be all what Ayumu needed to relieve him of his troubles… Or not. Yeah, his popularity at school is still present and it’s not gonna die anytime soon.

It packed up its bags and left the moment Haruna moved in.

So later that evening, he finds Orito still present, and it turns out that he’s kinda jealous of Ayumu’s popularity with the school and it caused his friendship with Ayumu to be rather shaky. I think he needs a trip up to the mountains. Later than night, Ayumu returns home to find a website dedicated to that fine zombie ass.

I think Sarasvati must be exceeding her bandwidth limits with that website of hers She must have like hundreds of GBs of stuff  uploaded.

Meanwhile, Ariel appears to have found Kyouko and wants to ask her a few questions. And she’d better do that, lest she wants to get on her bad side. I’d like to know where the heck she’s up to. Whatever it is, it can’t be good…

By the way, am I the only one who gets motion sickness from the next episode preview? Like everytime it goes through the hallway, I get really woozy. So, last episode’s Fantasy Yuu is joined by this episode’s Fantasy Yuu (voiced by Omi Minami). Heh, Double-Yuu.

Original Yuu has a point. I’m not much of a fan of men in pink. But hey, it’s not like anybody gives a shit about my opinion.

This’ll get really confusing so I think I’ll just refer to each imaginary Yuu as “Fantasy Yuu-#” with # representing the episode number. By the way, it also gives us this imagery.

I mean, it’s not like Ayumu isn’t used to crossdressing…

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