KoreZombie of the Dead #3: Mysteltainn Repair Operation

Gluteophilia… OK, hold on a moment while I research this: *Googles gluteophilia* Nothing totally relevant comes up. I tell you, Sarasvati and her creepy-ass stalker-level obsession over Ayumu’s ass knows no bounds. I don’t get it at all. I suppose it’s because I’m more focused on female characters’ legs over their breasts or their butt. But that’s just me.

Oh, I guess Mysteltainn will feel alot better in no time. I know I would.

So Haruna and Yuu both try to focus on repairing Mysteltainn, and Sera tries to focus on why Sarasvati is focused on Ayumu’s derriere. Both of these could take awhile… Oh wait, nevermind. They fixed it! Hah! That was easier than I thought. At least Ayumu can erase this whole fiasco from everyone’s memories permanently.

Or not… Guess it’s back to square one. Meanwhile, Maelstrom is recieving some kind of training from Sarasvati… The next day, Orito is trying to cope with Ayumu’s newfound popularity, at least that what one of Ayumu’s classmates, Anderson, states. Honestly, I can’t really tell because it kinda looks like he’s coming on to Orito.

When did this show suddenly have bishies? Did I miss something?

So once again, Ayumu is enjoying an imaginary drink with his imaginary fairy friend. Why she’s using science lab equipment for beer, I have no idea. Are you sure this is all in his mind? Well, anyway she tells him that he doesn’t have the courage to confront Orito.

Meanwhile, Haruna is about to take a trip to Villers when she suddenly incapacitated by a weird cursed dance by Maelstrom. As it turns out, Sarasvati chose her to be one of her backup dancers for her upcoming concert performance. When Haruna aids Maelstrom in her cursed dance, it… well, only makes things worse.

Talk about dancing with the devil in the pale moonlight. Or is it under the pale moonlight? Damn it! This hex must be affecting me too if I can’t get my movie references correct!

Anyway, Ayumu shows us how it’s really done. By doing T.K.-style breakdancing! Anyway, Sarasvati shows up to warn Maelstrom that she has until the next day to get her dance moves right, or else she’ll be sent back to the village. On the bright side, as long as Maelstrom does that cursed dance, she might not have to worry about that…

On the day of the concert, Ayumu and Maelstrom does some last-minute dance training, which doesn’t go well. Orito approaches, having become a new man himself, and gives his support to them before leaving. Umm… OK. Haruna and Maelstrom does… what I mostly expected them to do: Screw up and hex the entire audience. And even worse (or better), the cursed dance gets so powerful that everyone joins in and ends up cursed.

Blessed? Surely you’re using the wrong word, I wouldn’t call this bleeeeeeeees… X_X

Meanwhile, it turns out that Ariel is trying to obtain information about Yoru no Ou, but Kyouko has no memory of him. I don’t know why Ariel wants to know about Yoru no Ou for; He’s no longer of this world. I mean, since he does appear in the OP, he must have some significance. Something’s not right here…

So in the next episode preview, Fantasy Yuu-C (voiced by Kimiko Koyama) joins the crew.  Anyway, they all have plans to marry Ayumu, apparently. I don’t think we’ve accomplished much other than put hexes on every… X_X

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