Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 Animated Preview

Well, I wasn’t intending to post this, but what the fuck, I can’t hold the excitement in any longer. I need to fangasm!!!

It starts off with N on what appears to be an abandoned castle, saying something so he can sound cool and make his fangirls jizz their panties at the sight of him in animated form, while his Dragon Pokémon flies overhead.

We then get to see the Male Protagonist and Rival characters running to meet Bianca, who has became Professor Juniper’s assistant. She is the one who gives them their Pokémon. And I gotta say, those glasses make her look moe.

So, the same promo was reran on July 13, but with an added scene here.

This new scene shows the Female Protag and her Serperior battling Cheren and his Stoutland. I love how she already has a fully-evolved starter before the very first Gym in the game. Girl must’ve did tons of level grinding.

So the battle starts with Serperior doing Hyper Beam (I think that’s what it is. I don’t know why it looks black) with Stoutland using Protect. Afterwards Serperior slams Stoutland to the ground and after it gets up, it then uses Frenzy Plant. Stoutland dodges and uses Hyper Beam and Serperior uses Protect to block the attack.

We then see Male Protag talking to Professor Akuroma, who is speculated by the fanbase to be a villain. I can’t argue with them. This whole scene screams sinister. Although according to a subtitled version, he doesn’t agree with Team Plasma’s ideals. Still doesn’t make him any less suspicious.

And what the heck is up with his hair? That lick of hair loops around his head, like it’s gonna pop his eye out (Yes, I’ve seen the fanart). I’ve seen some improbable anime hair, but that one clearly takes the crown here.

Next scene: Male Protag and his Emboar is inside Nimbasa Gym, where he is about to face off against Elesa. And I swear to almighty God, they made Elesa sexier than ever. Somehow, she’s managed to make Skyla’s outfit look tame in comparison.

OMG DEM LEGS ♥ Also, I sure hope that’s a wig because I like her better as a blonde.

Next scene: Male Protagonist, Rival, and Cheren fighting Team Plasma on a boat.

Totally digging Cheren’s new design here. Gone are his blue jacket, Whitney shirt, and glasses, replaced with a nice business-esque attire. Meanwhile, an awesome battle scene occurs with Male Protag’s Arcanine throwing a Team Plasma Grunt’s Seviper up in the air and Rival’s Samurott using Ice Beam on it.

Next scene has Male Protag and his Lucario chasing the Shadow Triad in a town that seems to have been frozen over. I don’t get how people think that these guys are the Straiton Gym Leader Trio because they look nothing alike.

And it closes with Black Kyurem and White Kyurem showing off their signature moves.

OH MY GAHH!!!! How come the anime doesn’t look this good?!!! It’s not fair… Seriously, this is godly!!!

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