KoreZombie of the Dead #4: Ayumu and Orito’s Bogus Adventure

Tsundere Cafe…? What with how I feel towards numerous tsunderes, I’m not sure if like. This could be dangerous.

Ok, still playing catch-up. Bear with me here, folks…

It’s now been several weeks after what Ayumu refers to as “X-Day”, the day his life was ruined forever when everyone found out he was a Masou-Shoujo.

Die-cast Construction: It’s a lost art.

He’s been spending his free time building plastic models. Obviously, no one understands the appeal of building plastic models. As if anyone here knows a thing about this kind of stuff. Psh. I should know because I own a few plastic models myself.

So anyway, Orito invites Ayumu to a cosplay restaurant that’s inconspicuousy located in a dark alley so as to supposedly help him with his crossdressing thing. As it turns out, this whole business is secretly operated by Sarasvati and her vampire-ninja faction. And somehow they’ve roped Sera and Mael into this whole ordeal.

What kinda restaurant is this?! Well, at least the food’s good and the music’s nice. Also, Orito has some hair-brained plan to overcome the charms of five select maids as part of their promotion to get a free bill. But if they fail, it’ll cost them ¥100,000.

However, Sarasvati will only accept an certain kind of payment from Ayumu. We all know what she wants… So she sics the staff’s elite to challenge Ayumu and Orito.

Round 1: Maelstrom. And they win. Huh, that was easy. Of course that’s because Maelstrom was a dogged nice girl towards Ayumu. And that was just the warmup. I doubt the other four will go easy on them. And it’s gotten pretty obvious as to who #3 is. Although #4 worries me the most…

Round 2: Haruna… Wait, that the hell’s she doing here?!!! She’s not a vampire-ninja! I don’t like where this is going… Well, doesn’t matter because they pass, despite her ultra-tsundere attitude.

Round 3: Seraphim. Not surprising anyone here. Although what does surprises here is her choice of outfit. Bondage gear, really? Anyway, Orito’s been eliminated and she serves Ayumu steak seasoned with nitroglycerin. And he ate it. Wow, that’s impressive. To be honest, only Ayumu can stomach her “cooking”… barely.

Round 4: Since number 4 comes to mind, this may be Ayumu’s ultimate challenge yet. Hell, even more of a challenge than the Final Boss herself. Please, don’t be who I think it is. Please, Gaia, anyone but…

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How did Yuu get involved into this mess?! Whatever the reason, Ayumu is doomed. Might as well give up now. I would. Oh never mind, he won. That was rough. Well, I’m sure if Ayumu can overcome Yuu, then the last one should be smooth sailing.

Or is it?

Final Round: Sarasvati. Hold it, Sarasvati’s not the final challenger. Instead…

It’s Kanami Mihara, Maelstrom and Taeko’s friend. Apparently, Ayumu thinks he’s met his match. I don’t think so. If he managed to beat Yuu, then Kanami shouldn’t be a challenge, right? …Right?! Maybe not for Ayumu, but Orito does a last-minute save and they win the day. A lot easier than I thought. And Ayumu thought she was tough?

So let me put all this in TV Tropes’ Boss Battle terms:
Maelstrom: Warmup Boss
Haruna: Wake Up Call Boss
Sera: That One Boss
Yuu: Duel Boss/SNK BossBonus Boss too, according to Sarasvati. 
Sarasvati: Bait-and-Switch Boss/The Unfought
Kanami: Final Boss/Giant Space Flea from Nowhere/Anti-Climax Boss

Well, that’s over with. And much to everyone’s surprise, Anderson seems to know who Yuu is because he’s an underworlder. Wait, what?! I knew there was something up with this guy, mainly because he’s a bishonen. All bishonens are suspicious.

NOOOO!!! NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!!!! Nobody understands!!!!

I’m gonna go rage to my 1/144 Gundam models right now…

So Fantasy Yuu D (voiced by Kimiko Koda) teaches Fantasy Yuu B and C about building plastic models. I guess Fantasy Yuu A went bye-bye. I hope someone here understands plastic models. As we’ve seen before, Original Yuu doesn’t know a thing about plastic models at all.

O.O Uh, did Yuu get CQC lessons from Naked Snake or something?


Oh, way to go, Original Yuu. You just had to go and kill all of them. Now there won’t be any plastic model workshop!

I still love you… 😦

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