KoreZombie of the Dead #5: Eucliwood Gets a Fever

…and the only prescription is… uh…. um… Shit, I don’t know! To be honest, it never occured to me that necromancers, let alone a powerful magic-user like Yuu could actually get fevers…

So my rage over last episode, and the characters’ lack of knowledge of the appeal for plastic models seems to have simmered down, then I spent the rest of the day sidetracked thanks to the announcement of the return of Toonami. But I’m proud to say that I’m now back on track.

OK, so Sera has to make a trip back to her village and is leaving Haruna to keep an eye on Ayumu so he doesn’t do anything weird to Yuu. Really, Sera? Haruna’s the last person I’d leave in charge. Sarasvati’s up to no good again; I can sense it… After that tsundere maid cafe stunt last episode, I’ve been really cautious of her.

“Shut up. I’m driving my floor cleaner.”

So with the sun blazing hotter than the depths of Hell, Ayumu can’t go outside and go shopping for food. And they have no food outside of frozen oranges. I guess it can’t get any worse, right?  Oh, wait. The title. Duh. *dopeslap*

Well, Ayumu has found himself in yet another very unfortunate predicament. He can’t remove Yuu’s clothing because he’ll end up feeling dirty about it. So he’s gotta do this blindfolded.

If I learned something from anime, it’s that males have the special ability to remove articles of clothing from females without the use of their eyesight.

OK, I guess Ayumu is an excep– Uh-Oh.

As if Yuu falling sick is bad enough, Ayumu goes and breaks the Dyson fan!! This is just awful!

Ok, so Ayumu realizes that no normal doctor can help Yuu, but an underworlder can. Wait, underworlder? Oh yeah, Anderson’s an underworlder. So Ayumu calls Anderson advice on what to do; he says that Yuu has a certain kind of fever that only underworlders can get. Anderson says that when he was sick, somebody yodeled, did sprints in his underwear, get on all fours and blew at him while wiggling his butt in the air. He’s clearly messing with him.

Well, we know that Ayumu’s got some killer dance moves, but this isn’t the time to be joking around!!!! To his credit, the weird dance actually put her in good spirits. Whenever you’re feeling under the weather, the best prescription isn’t over-the-counter medicine, but having loved ones by your side. That’s what Anderson was getting at. Although I would’ve saved Ayumu from embarassing himself and getting beat up by Haruna by just saying that in the first place. I suppose all Ayumu can do now is to let Yuu get her rest and hope for the best.

That night, Yuu approaches Ayumu with a little request.

OMG You guys have no idea how much my inner fangirl is jumping for joy right now. I don’t know what excites me more: This crowning moment of heartwarming, or [adult swim]’s announcement of Toonami coming back!

Excuse me for one moment, please.


OMG They’re so cute sleeping together. It just warms my heart.

Ayumu seems to note how this is the closest he’s felt to Yuu since they’ve lived together. *cough cough* Anyway, Haruna seems to have grabbed cat paw mittens and… something. Odd, seeing her go to such great lengths for someone other than herself. Also, for the sake of this blogpost, I will pretend that Haruna did not kick Ayumu out of his own bed so she can sleep with Yuu.

What in the world is that? Some kind of mutant radish fetus?

Moving along: The next morning, Ayumu finds Anderson in his house. How’d he get inside his house? That aside, Yuu hasn’t gotten any better. It seems that she’s down with something worse than just an underworld fever because she should’ve recovered overnight, which is what Anderson’s worried about. Apparently, there are orange petal-shaped markings found on her neck.

But piths have the highest concentration of Vitamin C in an orange. Are you saying that underworlders hate Vitamin C?! (Insane Troll Logic)

The “pith” is the stringy white material found inside of an orange. It’s unsafe for underworlders to eat because pith is forbidden fruit to them. Strange, considering Yuu picked them out herself. She would never make such a mistake like that. Did she not know that pith is bad for her?

Meanwhil, at the vampire-ninja village, Sarasvati is talking to Sera about something known as “The Ultimate Monster”. It’s true form is unknown, so it could be anyone or anywhere and no one will know a thing.

So Anderson and Haruna tries several hairbrained methods so as to cure Yuu from her illness. Does these even work, or are they just trolling her? I’m guessing this is a troll move. Well, nobody knows what exactly did the job, but Yuu’s feeling better now. But now Haruna’s fallen sick. It’s just a common cold, so nothing to worry about, right?

Now then…

A Eulogy for the Dyson Air Multiplyer

Today, we are gathered to say goodbye to a fallen hero: that Dyson air multiplier that Ayumu had and I have no idea how he afforded that. It blows. One might say it was more than just a fan; it was the fifth member of the household. It was just as important as anyone else there… except for Haruna.

We salute you for your great service. Farewell, and Godspeed.

Oh, never mind…

So Fantasy Yuu E (voiced byEtsuko Kozakura) made porridge for Ayumu and… Wait,  I thought Original Yuu killed Fantasy Yuu C and D, how are they still alive?!

I thought you said you weren’t putting up with all this nonsense. You traitor!!

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