tsuritama #6: You can tune a piano, but you can’t Tuna Fish

So on yet another wild excursion into the great sea, something… very strange occurs.

With Kate soon to be released from the hospital, Yuki and Haru decides that the best way to celebrate is to catch her a tuna fish. Meanwhile, Akira and his group of MiBs and their duck are surveying them as he informs his superior about an incident concerning Bermuda Syndrome.

Please tell me those three women aren’t traps. Looking at Akira’s superior and how he looks like a drag queen, I’m rather suspicious…

They tell him that doesn’t concern him and urges him to continue his operation.


So Akira and Tapioca goes back into town to ask the mayor about something called Kamikakushi. He tells him about the dragon from the legend that was talked about in the first episode. And then he concludes the conversation with a rather lame joke about catfish.

“You found my weakness. It’s catfish jokes.”

Upon closer inspection of the dragon statue, Akira sees a catfish lure inside its mouth. Koko, watching outside, takes note of it. So the four guys are out on the job on the next day, fishing for tuna. Akira states to Yuki that in order to catch tuna fish, he needs precise accuracy when casting. Captain Ayumi adds that what’s also needed is Teamwork! between the fisherman and the boat driver. And Natsuki adds that all that won’t matter if they don’t go to the right place where tuna gathers.

The next day, they approach to a man-made reef known as Akemi, however they’re forbidden to fish there. As it turns out, it’s not that they’re not allowed to fish there, but the locals won’t go there. Apparently a fishing boat disappeared from there. Ayumi takes the boys off for the rest of the day, meaning they have no boat to fish for tuna.

Akira offers his boat to the boys and they go to Akemi to find some fish, against Ayumi’s orders not to go there. Yuki fishes for a tuna, but loses it. Akira says that he’ll get the tuna, but Natsuki convinces him that it won’t be worth it if someone other than Yuki catches it. Yuki tries again and second time’s the charm, he catches it!

But then something weird happens. Natsuki and Akira just vanish out of thin air… The two find themselves in the boat’s control room, but Akemi appears alot farther than where they last saw it. Another weird thing happens, causing Haru to go cuckoo and use his water gun on Natsuki and Yuki.

Look at that. Holding his gun gangsta-style, like a real badass would.

After that… weird occurence, everyone finds themselves stranded, but Ayumi eventually finds them and bring them back to shore. The episode closes out with everyone welcoming Kate back home and throwing an end-of-summer party for her.

Man, what was that all about? I mean I’m convinced that Haru is an alien, but whoa. This certainly caught me by surprise.

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