Eureka Seven AO #5: Sign a contract?

Oh, now we’re throwing out Madoka Magica quotes.

I’ve never seen Puella Magi Madoka Magica, but I know full well enough that no good ever comes from signing contracts! Don’t do it, Ao!!!

So the with the Triton crew returning to Generation Bleu’s headquarters located in Switzerland. Inside the Nirvash, Rebecks finds the smuggler trio stowing away. During a CT scan of Ao, it’s discovered that his eyesight is more advanced than normal eyesight. While Fleur and Elena shows Ao around the headquarters, Ao catches a news cast where it turns out that Noa is on the loose and he runs off to find her.

Meanwhile the smuggler trio is talking to Generation Bleu’s head honcho and Fleur’s dad, Christophe Blanc. They show him video footage they caught of their IFOs extracting something out of the Scub Coral.

Ao and Elena find Noa in the hands of Team Goldilocks, another Generation Bleu IFO team similar to Team Pied Piper. Their members consists of Maev McCaffrey (pictured right), her 11-year old sister, Chloe (pictured left), and Maggie Kwan (pictured center).

That is way too much ice cream for you, little girl. You’ll get a stomachache.

Team Goldilocks’ commander, Bruno Hans, tells Ao that he should leave Generation Bleu because as long as he stays there, he’s bound to hurt anyone close to him. So while Team Goldilocks is dispatched to deal with another Scub Burst, Elena heads over to the girls dormitory to have a little bath with Noa. Why she took Ao with her, I have no idea.

Quoting Evangelion again, Elena?! 😀

Anyway, Team Goldilocks find themselves in battle with Secrets (I believe that’s what they’re called instead of G-Monsters) and find themselves overwhelmed. Team Pied Piper are called in to mobilize and lend Tean Goldilocks their assistance, and Fleur continues to ask Ao what he came here to do.

I’m not sure if what Bruno said to Ao could be true. I mean, things like that tend to happen. I hope that’s not the case here… I think I’m gonna love Elena.

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