New Toonami Schedule Contains Deadman Wonderland and Casshern Sins

Well, Cartoon Network has been keeping tight lips when it comes to the new Toonami schedule, but it seems that they’re not keeping it a secret any longer as they’ve confirmed that this Saturday after BleachDeadman Wonderland and Casshern Sins will premiere.

I’ve seen both series and have been quite favorable for both of them.

Deadman Wonderland seems somewhere around the norm of what [adult swim] anime usually has, so I think it’s a pretty good fit. However, there’s been no dub cast announcement from FUNimation yet, so it’s safe to assume that they’ll say something during the week. FUNimation did announce the English voice cast following this announcement.

Although I’m not sure about how Casshern Sins will perform, what with its gritty and sometimes depressing story. The DVD/BD have already been released on Summer of 2010, so the show’s already dubbed and ready to air.

Also, a storm of tweets from Jason DeMarco, who works for CN and has had a hand in the return of Toonami, basically says that this new Toonami is on limited funds.

  • So: New Toonami! First things first. For now, that IS the schedule. I know I said we wouldn’t tell you, but the higher ups changed that.
  • We will not be showing Naruto, DBZ, etc for now. The rights to those shows are owned by our competition or are out of our price range.
  • SPEAKING OF WHICH: Something you should know about THIS Toonami: We have very,very little $$. This experiment will need ratings success to receive more funding for new shows, more TOM animation, etc. I’m thankful for the $$ we’ve gotten, but it isn’t a lot.
  • Toonami will have to prove itself to get more resources, just like it had to do when we first launched.
  • TOM: Will be voiced as always by Steve Blum. Who is doing it for love. Just like we are. Tom will be an updated hi-res version of TOM 3.0.
  •  The Absolution will be a slightly different but almost identical version of the one from the TOM 3.0 era as well.
  • There will be no SARA for now. She costs too much to make. But if we can bring her back, we sure will.
  •  We will try to have some new content each week- game reviews, music videos, content pieces etc. As much as we can afford and make.
  •  Music: Music will come from a number of places: Ghostly, Warp Records, Victory Records, Now Again records, as well as friends of ours like therealelp, flyinglotus, Chris Devoe, Ben Burton, and many others. No, we won’t be using JBV.
  • Peter Cullen will NOT be the voice of the promos. He’s busy with Transformers and Eeyore and doesn’t do many promos. Love you Peter!
  • Schedule again: you are all entitled to your opinions, but we feel good about it. And yes, Kim Manning is programming it. Love you Kim!
  • Lastly, just want to say thank you to all who have supported and brought it back. If you can KEEP supporting us, we will have more $$ which means more shows, more TOM footage, SARA, etc. SO THANK YOU. And keep it up!

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