KoreZombie of the Dead #7: The Melancholy of Haruna

Does anyone understand any of this? Because I don’t. Haruna’s overcomplicated explanations makes understanding Neon Genesis Evangelion look simple.

We have a dilemma. Yeah, we’ve been getting these alot lately… Haruna’s magic siphoner did not work as expected. She only needed some of Yuu’s power to restore her own Masou-Shoujo power, but it actually ended up absorbing all of it. And if you ask me, Haruna is not the best person to hold onto such great magic power.

On second thought, having Yuu’s power means Haruna’s less annoying. This is nice. I prefer it this way.

Well… Yuu explains it alot better than Haruna does… sort of; she makes it all sound like technobabble to everyone else. Eating food does not completely restore Masou-Shoujo power, but absorbing Yuu’s magic did. However, this worked in neither of their favors; Yuu is powerless and Haruna is held back by her powers. As it turns out, Haruna built her magic siphoner using equipment from Ayumu’s school, and with the help of someone familiar with magic. Typically, Haruna remains vague about who it was, so this gets nowhere at all… *sigh*

(^////^) …uh, M-m-moving right along…

It is now Day 2 of the culture festival at Ayumu’s school. So Maelstrom’s pretty happy about the ring she got from Ayumu, but he never told her that it’s actually to supress Masticore. So Yuu and Haruna approaches him about the ring he gave to Mael, and Yuu asks Ayumu a question that’s… rather surprising, considering who exactly is asking.

Hmm… That is a very good question. Since Yuu has no powers and therefore can talk normally without any drawbacks, Ayumu’s fantasies of her are kinda lost in its purpose here. Better make the most of what you have.

Somehow, Ayumu’s fantasies remain no different with Yuu’s true voice. I’m actually impressed.

Hmm. She’s not leaving him with much of a choice here…

This doesn’t work.

So Sarasvati has confirmed that the disturbance is here at the school. Once she, Sera and Orito hear about Maelstrom’s excitement over her new ring, one of the teachers, Mr. Kurisu confiscates it from her. So Ayumu returns to the science prep room to talk to Ms. Fairy, only to find that she’s not there. He supposes she disappeared along with his problems.

Anyway, Mr. Kurisu seems to know all about Ayumu and his home life. How does he know all this?! Because he is a Masou-Shoujo, and he is a she, and she is Ms. Fairy!! Whoa! Yuu and Haruna’s respective magic powers have returned to normal, albeit the shifts in powers overwhelmed them because of Ms. Fairy’s interference.

Haruna reveals that Ayumu’s not-so-imaginary friend after all is Chris, a Masou-Shoujo who used to be Ariel’s teacher, and the ultimate evil Sarasvati has been talking about. A curse was placed on her that turns her appearance into a middle-aged man, thanks to the Villers queen. Getting drunk neutarlizes the curse. However, she needed Haruna to build a magic siphoner to absorb Yuu’s power and the ring she took from Maelstrom in order to return to her original state. Everything that has happened as of recently is Chris’s doing: Haruna building the magic siphoner, last episode’s megalo attack, why Haruna and Mael couldn’t sell any CDs, the lack of toilet paper that morning, why summer is hot, the problems plaguing Ayumu, why Dr. Pepper Ten tastes like shit. All of it! …OK, that last one I added myself, but she might as well have been behind that too!

So Chris calls out Ayumu for judging a book by its cover, but when Anderson calls her out, he gets blasted off for being a hypocrite! She goes on to remind everyone that they’re gonna grow up ugly the same way her male form looks. Oh, no… That’s horrible!!!! As it turns out, the seats are designed to blast off if the person sitting in it loses all hope. All that remains is Ayumu, Orito, Yuu, and Haruna.

Nooooooooo!!! No one can resist catgirls. Orito’s doomed!! Nice knowing you, pal…

The seats also blasts off if the person sitting in it gets too excited. Using Sera wearing a pair of cat ears, Chris causes Orito to blast off. When Ayumu tells her to give Haruna’s power back to her, Chris releases Ayumu from her grip and the two go at it, but Chris overwhelms him. She pretty much says she wanted Ayumu as a drinking buddy before setting off and returning everyone back.

Meanwhile, Ariel is informed of Chris’s returned powers and Kyouko bargains with her… with her knowledge of Chris’s weakness…

Sweet Gaia, shit’s goin’ down!!! It’s about damn time.

It is? No one informed this to anyone.

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