Eureka Seven AO #6: Goldilocks and the Bear

In this episode of Eureka Seven: Astral Ocean, Team Pied Piper begins a operation to rescue Team Goldilocks. Meanwhile, a mysterious enemy arrives to give Generation Bleu a rude awakening…

One thing I noticed in the opening credits is that the Nirvash is starting to partially regain its original color scheme apart from the usual grayish scheme it has in AO. Anyway, the episode starts in an area called Myanmar, where starnge disturbances are occuring and a buck-toothed Asian male with glasses, whom I’m going to call Buck-Toothed Bastard from now on… or, is he a woman in a purple dress? Actually it’s both. A shapeshifter is the one behind all this and watches as Team Pied Piper begins their rescue operation.

We now shift to the Triton, where Team Pied Piper is setting off to destroy the Secret and rescue Team Goldilocks. They recieve a message from HQ that Bruno is ignoring their calls and is taking the Medon, Team Goldilocks’ ship towards the Secret. They find the Secret, which is oddly designed like a carousel. However they arrive too late as it has already destroyed the Medon.

As Team Pied Piper are ordered to pull back to rescue Team Goldilocks, Ao notices an Eisenhower make a swift attack on the Secret, which causes it to begin moving towards the Scub. The pilot of the Eisenhower, the shapeshifter taking form as the Woman in Purple sees the Nirvash and oddly enough, remembers it, right down to its original color scheme.

With Team Goldilicks in the hospital, Ao gives Chloe a visit. He tells her that everyone, including Bruno, is fine, but Chloe seems to know he’s lying about Bruno. She doesn’t realize that Bruno is dead until she talks to Rebecka through the comlink in Ao’s helmet. Team Pied Piper is off on a mission to destroy the Secret and left Ao behind to let him rest. When Ao wakes up, he tries to apologize for what happened to Bruno and ridicules himself for not being needed by his teammates, but then Chloe throws his helmet at him. That’s gotta hurt. Anyway, she tells him that they didn’t need him because a sleep-deprived pilot would be dead in a matter of moments.

Chloe also says that Team Goldilocks come to the conclusion that in order to destroy the Secret, they have to latch onto the main body and attack it from inside its ZOA. Ao sets off to assist Fleur and Elena, and using Team Goldilocks’ strategy, Ao works his way onto the Secret’s main body and destroys the core, bringing the Secret down. Meanwhile, the shapeshifter, having watched Nirvash’s victory over the Secret, begins to take an interest in it.

As Ao settles in to his new home, he sees movers clearing out Bruno’s old room. Inside, Ao finds that he was very serious about his work when he sees a report in his room pertaining to the Iwato Jima incident.

Whoever wrote this report needs to get reprimanded for lack of proofreading. Look at this. “Summery” misspelled twice, “a tactics”, “teport”, “operaiton”.

After the end credits, we see the shapeshifter approaching Generation Bleu HQ’s entrance.

Ah, looks like the shapeshifter’s showing his love for Toonami’s return. 🙂

He refers to himself as “Truth”…

I don’t know what this guy is up to, or where he comes from, or what he wants. But it’s not good, that’s for sure.

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