Another #0: Another Moments Full of Twincest

This is more than just another OVA, people.

So this OVA mostly focuses on Mei’s relationship with her cousin/twin sister, Misaki Fujioka, whom passed away prior to the start of the series. I probably won’t go into much detail here since it doesn’t show much of anything that wasn’t mentioned before.

One thing I don’t get is Mei’s left eye can see the color of death on someone who is already dead. But later she sees the color of death on Misaki, even though she’s not yet dead. Mei and Misaki go to the local amusement park while Mei remains very cautious to protect Misaki from anything that might cause her death. They ride on the ferris wheel that I think hasn’t been inspected in awhile because one of the screws of the door to the car Mei and Misaki were on falls off. Whoops. Anyway, a bird comes flying into that same car…

This show doesn’t fuck around when it comes to killing people in the worst possible way. Even the bird gets it!

It startles Misaki into falling out of the car, and Mei grabs her to prevent her from falling, but Misaki lets go to prevent them both from falling.

But she only falls a few inches, nothing fatal. Very clever, show. This is the second time you faked us out with death. I’m pretty sure they can sue. So after that day at the amusement park, they both are about to go their separate ways until Misaki falls ill. While at the hospital, Misaki tells Mei that her birthday is coming up soon and Mei decides to give her one of her dolls for her birthday. Later that night, Misaki succumbs to her illness and when Mei hears that she died and then… she freaks out at the mirror.

That was scary; I mean that’s like the last expression I’d expect from her. But it kinda explains why Mei appears to be cold at the start of the series. That is, until Sakakibara-kun came around and warmed her heart again. Oh and speaking of which, the episode closes where Episode 1 started with Mei’s first meeting with Kouichi in the hospital elevator. She was delivering the doll that she was going to give Misaki for her birthday to where her dead body is at.

I thought this episode was good, even though it doesn’t really show much of anything new. I guess it serves as more of a prequel to the series itself to show Mei’s relationship with Misaki before her death.

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