tsuritama #7 & #8: Natsuki, The Jerking Jerk

In times like these, there comes a time when we should ask ourselves “What would Tapioca do?”

Episode 7 starts with Yuki looking to buy his own fishing equipment, only to find that the equipment he wanted was alot more expensive than he expected. If it wasn’t for the discount Misaki gave him, the money that he saved up from his work wouldn’t be enough. Meanwhile, Haru appears to be reluctant to fish, after what happened last episode.

Akira reports in to his superiors, whose organization goes only by… DUCK! reporting in the Bermuda Syndrome incident. However they can’t believe him without any proof. Anyway, while Natsuki, Yuki, and Akira are fishing, Haru’s looking into new hobbies outside of fishing, like Soccer or playing with a kendama.

Duck Umbrellas: The ultimate defense against soccer-playing aliens.

So Sakura comes around to tell everyone that Natsuki’s birthday is coming up in two days, and he’s going to go fishing with his family. Since Natsuki’s on bad terms with his dad, he invites everyone to come.

So it’s Natsuki’s birthday; everyone plays the Enoshima Game, and Akira ends up losing.

Hey, there’s nothing wrong with Natsuki’s smile, pops. Sure it looks kinda disgruntled, but it’s perfectly fine.

So Tamocchan’s saying that Natsuki’s gonna become a fishing pro under his instruction. And when Sakura’s about to give Natsuki a bracelet she made for them, a fight breaks out between Natsuki and Tamocchan. Natsuki doesn’t think that he can become a bass fishing pro and Tamocchan suggests that he leaves Enoshima. Meanwhile, he’s planning to convert the store into a whitebait carpet store and never told anyone about it.

Anyway, a boat with a couple of guys doing the Enoshima dance is approaching the boat everyone is on and is about to collide with them!!

Nice save, Haru! But Sakura dropped one of her bracelets into the ocean, the one she was gonna give to her late mom. She starts yelling at Natsuki because of his argument with his dad. When Natsuki offers to make a new one, but Sakura doesn’t want that. Then Natsuki does the unspeakable and slaps poor Sakura-chan.

She’s right! I do not approve of imouto slapping at all! Natsuki, you’re a jerk!!

What the hell? Natsuki and his issues has with his dad notwithstanding, slapping her was totally unnecessarry. I guess that’s why I didn’t blog this episode by itself because this part pissed me off so much. Why you gotta go and do that, Natsuki? Not cool, man. Not cool. 😐

Later that night, Sakura goes missing and even more weirder events are occuring in Enoshima as a whole group of boats with everyone doing the Enoshima dance is approaching shore thanks to that weird triangle thing… In Episode 8, everyone starts searching for Sakura. Akira tells Natsuki to put himself in Sakura’s shoes to know where she would possibly be. He finds her at an closed down restaurant where they used to go with their mom.

With Sakura found, Akira approaches Haru and Koko, asking them why they’re here on Earth. They’re here to catch one of their kind that came to Earth long ago, causing trouble.

As it turns out, their race uses water to communicate. When used on humans, they end up brainwashed. And it turns out that was the reason why Haru went crazy. His powers are growing over time, and if it were to rain, that would spread his power across the world and everyone will end up brainwashed.

That’s what I’ve been trying to figure out. I did the research and it turns out that “whitebait” is a term for a collective of small fish, ranging from 25 to up to 50 millimeters long. So I would imagine that whitebait cafe serves food that has whitebait.

So the four guys regroup again to have a fishing game to see who can catch the biggest one. Akira catches a 62-centimeter fish, Haru gets a 56-cm, Yuki 78, and Natsuki has a 43. So Natsuki’s punishemt for losing is a haircut.

Natsuki’s been working on recreating the bracelet that Sakura lost, but has no luck with it. Meanwhile, Akira decides that Haru isn’t a threat and reports that to DUCK!. However, DUCK! has sent a combat unit to Enoshima to destroy any aliens that are a threat, which to them includes Haru. Also, it turns out that DUCK! has caught on with Akira’s interactions with the rest of the gang.

Well, it seems that shit’s about to go down, what with the rogue alien approaching Enoshima and Akira’s getting into hot water with DUCK!.

One thought on “tsuritama #7 & #8: Natsuki, The Jerking Jerk

  1. GoodbyeNavi

    Natsuki is obviously having difficulty dealing with his mother’s death and his father’s blooming relationship with another woman. He lashed out and took it out on his annoyingly cute little sister and she didn’t deserve it. Everyone in his family has been pretty patient with him so far. I hope he can get it together.


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