KoreZombie of the Dead #9: The Magnificent Seventh Abyss

So, yes… “Coochie-coochie on the ribs” is indeed Chris’s weakness. You know, that’s a pretty pathetic vulnerability for the strongest of Masou-Shoujos. Even Ayumu thinks that this would’ve been over in a second.

Ariel reveals that that is where she’s most ticklish at and only a few have actually managed to defeat Chris: The queen of Villers herself, Yoru no Ou, and a mighty underworlder currently residing in this world named Naegleria Nebiros, who is also an S-Class megalo. According to Haruna, if AAA-Class megalos like flying whales are bad news, then the S-Class are virtually unstoppable.

“Eucliwood, does this huge sword make me look like a character from Final Fantasy?” “No, you’re not effeminate enough to look like any Final Fantasy character. Although, you wouldn’t look out of place in Fire Emblem.”

Yuu reveals that a long time ago, before Villiers’ invasion of the underworld and before she obtained her magic powers, she, along with Yoru no Ou and Naegleria, were once part of a guild known as Seventh Abyss. Naegleria left to take care of the Villiers army and thwart their invasion. Despite the feud between Villers and the underworld, Yuu and Haruna seem to be on good terms.  Yuu states that Naegleria can be trusted since she is responsible for crafting her armor that holds back her powers. However, in order for Ayumu to meet with her, he has to have Anderson tell him where she lives, who’s not ecstatic to give out such info to him.

Sarasvati (whose school alias is Kirara Hoshikawa) invtes Ayumu to her upcoming concert performance in the next two days. The next day, Ayumu goes to the place where Naegleria lives.

He meets Naegleria (who prefers to be called Nene), who makes a living as a manga artist. She tends to doze off at randomly, asks people if they got a haircut (Even if she meets them for the first time), and her tits are bigger than Seraphim’s.

The strongest underworlder, everyone.

So as it turns out, Nene cannot fight Chris because it would cause another all-out battle between Villiers and the underworld, since they’re the most strongest from their respective allegiances. So Nene decides to have Ayumu help her out with her latest work. When he calls Haruna to give him a hand, Nene falls asleep almost butt-naked on Ayumu.

If my experience is correct, Haruna’s involvement means this can only go one way.

Well, I was right. The girls arrive at Nene’s place, most displeased with Ayumu’s apparent perverse actions, which totally isn’t his fault, by the way. Haruna came to Nene’s house and saw Nene on top of Ayumu. She went crying to Yuu and Sera about what she thinks went on between them. Since they’re here, they might as well help Nene out.

It turns out that the story of the manga Nene is working on is actually based on their past days as Seventh Abyss and a possible outcome of what would’ve happened hadn’t Yoru no Ou went evil and Yuu obtained her powers.

Meanwhile, Sera is forming yet another unholy abomination of food (if you can call it food).

I agree. Although I don’t think it can be any worse than the last time…

…You know what? I take that back. This is alot worse than the last time. What the hell is all this?!!

It’s known as Devil’s Cream Stew, and just like the previous unholy abomination, it melts anything that comes into contact. It also ruins Nene’s work-in-progress. So everyone decides to work overtime to make up for the lost work.

What’s the matter, Ayumu? All you need to do is to smooch her on the ribs and she’ll go down easily. If the queen of Villiers can do it, if Yoru no Ou can do it, if Nene can do it, then so can you.

On the day of Sarasvati’s concert, the stage is full with CG-animated fans. Although everyone still isn’t finished with the manga, Nene decides to let Ayumu go. Ayumu arrives at the concert late, which she doesn’t hold against him.

Zombie Coffee: Vampire-Ninja girls dig it.

So even though Nene and Chris are basically the strongest of their respective allegiances, that doesn’t stop them from having a casual chat over oden.

Most likely it’s because of Nene’s manga, but now I can’t help but feel even more sad for Yuu. Next episode, it ends: Both this season, and the battle with Chris. Why do I get the feeling that Chris isn’t just gonna let herself get smooched on her rib? I mean this just seems way too easy…

Next episode preview: Original Yuu is looking at the manga made by the Fantasy Yuus (This episode’s is voiced by Yui Horie). And according to her, they all stink.

“They’re crap. Crap. Crap. Mega-crap.”

She made a hentai? I don’t even…

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