Eureka Seven AO #7 & #8: Truth or Dare?

“Yeah, my finger gun makes stuff explode. Spike Spiegel ain’t got nothing on me.”

What’s up with this guy? This guy’s walks up to Generation Bleu’s headquarters and he’s going all like “I’m in your base, blowin’ yo shit up.”

I probably should’ve blogged these two episodes separately…

Continuing where the previous episode left off, Episode 7 starts with the mysterious shapeshifter known only as Truth making his way into Generation Bleu HQ, wreaking havoc upon them. Ivica informs this to Ao and Fleur and tells them to stay there until one of their people come get them. Speaking of people, what’s Elena up to, I wonder…?

Oh, Elena, which anime are you quoting now? 😛

Stanley Fry, Generation Bleu’s overseer and Team Goldilocks’ temporary CO, suggests that they secure the three IFOs and their pilots from Truth, and if the situation calls for it, blow up HQ if he reaches the basement and finds the “item”. Meanwhile, Truth approaches an idol singer named Miller (Elena in disguise. I would imagine that’s an alias to hide that she’s a Generation Bleu pilot) and then easily disposes of the defense force that comes after him.

“This is where it gets good. Good night. DESTROOOOOOOOOOOOY BUSTER!!!!

As it turns out, Truth’s objective isn’t in the basement, but Nirvash itself. He appears in front of Ao, who is just about to mobilize. He apparently is familiar with Eureka since he refers to Nirvash as “that woman’s craft.” When Ao tries to take off, Truth transforms into some kind of shadow creature and engulfs him inside.

You might be wondering why the colors look desaturated in this part. Well, that gets explained later.

We strangely cut back to Iwato Jima, where Ao meets back up with Naru and he shows her to the Scub Coral. As it turns out, being around it cures Naru of her illness. Another Ao (The real one) shows up and it turns out that the Ao that was with Naru was actually Truth. As Ao pursues Truth, Naru hitches a ride with one of the Iwato inhabitants goes after them and learns that that shadow creature was the Sea Colossus that she saw when she was a child. She then jumps out of the guy’s FP Attack of the Clones-style and apparently she can fly!!

Wait a minute… A potential love triangle?! Hell no!! If there’s one thing that’s considered taboo in Eureka Seven, it’s love triangles!

Naru knew that Truth was disguising himself as Ao all along and voluntarily goes with him. Three days later, Ao wakes up in the hospital. After Truth turned into the shadow creature and attacked Ao, the Nirvash crashed and Fleur and Elena went in to retrieve him as another group went after Truth. So all that just happened at Iwato Jima was only a dream…

Or was it? Also, it’s revealed that the “item” that’s in Generation Bleu’s basement is what appears to be TheEND!!

Episode 8 starts with Ao trying to sneak a takeoff with Nirvash to go after Truth, but one of the Team Pied Piper operatives activates the emergency shutdown and Ao is thrown into the brig. They can’t go after Truth becasue they already have enough on their plate with Secrets. But Christophe lets him off with just a warning. He tends to act like a father to the IFO pilots; As Fleur mentions, he’s more of a father to the IFO pilots than to his own daughter…

Hoorah, daddy issues.

Later that day, Ao finds himself conspicuously tailed by Gazelle and his crew, as per Christophe’s orders. Meanwhile, anothe Scub Coral appears in Faisal Arabia and Team Pied Piper is ordered to mobilize. Meanwhile, the U.S. government is showing suspicions towards Generation Bleu because they believe that Nirvash, which were in their posession prior to the start of the series, and their Mark I IFO are one and the same. Christophe denies that.

So a new Secret has appeared. This one generates electricity and it matches the one seen in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1752, the same time and place where Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity. All of a sudden, Team Pied Piper is informed that Christophe has ordered the mission to be cancelled for reason unknown, but they suspect that the U.S. governmemt might have been the cause of it.

Because Americans are assholes. Didn’t you know that, Ao?

As it turns out, Faisal Arabia is hostile towards the U.S. and if the Secret were to collide with the Scub Coral and explode, that’d be one less potential threat for the U.S. to deal with. Typical Americans. Either way, it’s still leaving innocent people to get killed as Ao gets fed up and storms off the Triton.

Fleur goes after Ao and tells him that she hates her father and the reason why is because five years ago, Fleur and her mom were severly injured in a traffic accident and there were only enough organs between the two of them to be salvaged to save only one of them. When Christophe heard of this, she chose to have the doctors save Fleur, leaving her mom to die. She joined Generation Bleu as a means to get back at him. Ivica comes in and turns on a news report, saying that there have been casualties in Faisal Arabia due to the Secert’s attack. Due to everyone around the world calling to the government to aid them, they’ve been ordered to resume their mission.

Team Pied Piper begin their attack on the Secret, but it shoots an electric charge at Kyrie, disabling it temporarily, then it prepares to collide with the Scub Coral. Ivica orders Ao and Fleur to fall back but they ignore it and flies after the Secret. Out of his own disdain towards his dad, Renton, Ao sympathizes with Fleur and both Nirvash and Alleluia both blast at the Secret, destroying it before it can finish its descent.

The next morning, Ao and Fleur goes to Christophe’s office to report their victory, and to see the look on his face after getting reprimanded by America. Mainly the latter. They learn that the news report was only a fabrication made up by Christophe and Gazelle’s crew in order to fool the American government and the rest of the world into going to Faisal Arabia’s aid.

So in other words: Christophe just trolled the entire world!! Also I’d like to know what the heck Generation Bleu is doing with TheEND. If you recall the last few episodes of Eureka Seven, TheEND was wrecked into nothing but its torso, and now it’s back in one piece, even with the color scheme it had before getting scrapped. Something’s not right here…

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