tsuritama #9: What the Duck is Wrong With You?

Hai, Yoisho. Haino, Haino, Haino. Haino, Yoshona. Haino, Haino, Haino…

OK, so Yuki has found that Haru’s gone missing. Meanwhile, Duck is going around Enoshima, warning everyone to not touch any water because the alien, which they refer to as JFX, is using it to control people’s minds.

Well, you heard them, folks. You’re now allowed to wash your ass anymore.

Akira continues to tell his superior that Haru isn’t malevolent, but he’s not listening since he’s their only lead to getting to JFX. A group of Duck operatives track down Haru to where Yuki lives and hold him and Kate in an attempt to find out where Haru went.

Meanwhile, Haru and Koko head out to stop JFX. However, Koko is taken by JFX and she sends Haru away. Akira manages to escape his custody and meets up with Yuki, who snuck out to go and find Haru.

Akira reveals to Yuki that he’s with Duck and they were here in Enoshima to observe Haru and to investigate the Bermuda Syndrome. He fills him in on everything that has happened up until now and tells him to stay away from Haru. Meanwhile, another Duck group has found Haru, and Yuki follows them back to his house, where he is.

He finds Kate lying on the ground unconscious and Haru tells him to leave Enoshima while he shoots him with his water gun. Haru then goes on a frenzy to scare the townspeople out of Enoshima. All the townspeople are being sent onto evacuation buses. When Yuki regains consciousness, he finds out that he’s in Nagoya. He decides to go back to Enoshima to find Haru… which probably won’t be an easy task since Duck is guarding the entry into town. Akira tells his superior that he’s going to get JFX out of the water himself.

Akira and Tapioca: BFFs or OTP? You decide.

Not sure what the episode count for tsuritama is. 11, I would assume since that’s the usual noitaminA series episode count. But anyway, it seems to be evident that we’re getting closer to the end. Oh man, I can’t wait!

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