KoreZombie of the Dead #10(End): Don’t You Forget About Me

What? No! Don’t be ridiculous. I could never forget about you!! 😦

Well, at least we don’t get a mediocre swimsuit episode to close out with. Instead, we get another evil version of Ayumu. Ever since Yoru no Ou, he sure is starting to get a fair share of these lately.

So here’s the thing: Even though he knows Chris’s weakness, Ayumu’s still no match for her at his current level. So Ariel has to put his skills to the test. And if he fails, then he loses his memories of everything and everyone other than himself.

So Haruna is, for some odd reason, now teaching at Ayumu’s school. I bet this school’s teaching requirements must be very low if someone like Haruna can teach there. Anyway, today in Haruna-sensei’s class, we’re learning the science of fried eggs. Crack the egg in the beaker, put in a Philosopher’s Stone (or a kneaded eraser), mix it up and…

Either Haruna somehow picked up Sera’s cooking abilities, or that’s not supposed to be fried eggs…

So Haruna just transmuted some kind of slime that can dissolve all articles of clothing other than socks and underpants. At least it’s aware of proper decency. Ayumu manages to save Taeko and Kanami from the indecent slime, but due to Haruna being a screw-up like always, Ayumu is overwhelmed by the slime. So this was one of Ariel’s trials for Ayumu. You know what that means…

Damn it, not even ten minutes into the episode and Ayumu already failed! Yuu, Sera, and Haruna plead to Ariel to give him another chance, which she obliges on one condition: Inception time again!!

For the Make-up Test, Ariel sends the three inside Ayumu’s mind to recover Ayumu’s memories. Their astral forms have been separated from their physical bodies, which holds their respective magic powers. Ergo, Yuu can talk normally. They find the embodiment of what little remains of Ayumu’s memories.

Hmm. Absense of eyecatch, eh? I guess this is serious business.

They all reach some kind of performance stage, which they assume is where the final battle is.

I’m glad someone here knows their stuff about JRPGs. 😀

There they meet Asmodeus, the demon who is Ayumu’s embodiment of Lust, and his crew: Beelzebub, Behemoth, Lucifer, Leviathan, and Satan. Each of these guys are embodiments of Ayumu’s sins. If you ask me, this is something out of Shin Megami Tensei.  Since this is her astral form, Haruna can transform.

I take that back. This is not Shin Megami Tensei. At least their bosses are freakin’ hard; Haruna just beat all six of these guys without even breaking a sweat.

Onto the next part: They find Ayumu with his memories back… Only it’s actually a darker personification of Ayumu known as Belphegor, the demon who is Ayumu’s embodiment of Sloth, and the Final Boss of this season. Belphegor only thinks that the three girls were just bothersome to him. Yuu isn’t gonna take that kind of talk.

Belphegor awakens in Ayumu’s body, now referring to himself as “Another” or “Alternative” (As in, another alternative to Ayumu.), or Dark Ayumu as Ariel refers to him by. He leaves after he flashes Ariel’s panties, and she just sits there and say that she’ll kill him later. You see, most females would go on a murderous rampage after getting their panties flashed; Not Ariel. The three girls follow Belphegor to Ayumu’s school. Yuu, who’s wielding Mysteltainn, decides to to face him by herself and transforms into a Masou-Shoujo. If she has to do that, then that can only mean some real shit is goin’ down.

Aw yeah, Now it’s really on!! The only thing missing is the right battle music.

So the two go at it, but Belphegor gets the upper hand on Yuu by screwing with her feelings for Ayumu. He knows she’s in love with Ayumu and he’s using that against her. And yes, she did say she loves him! Score one for Team Eucliwood!! YES!

That’s right, Belphegor. Rage, as in “You just pissed off the one person you should never have.”

So she grabs Mysteltainn and drives it through Belphegor, and to add to that, she brings up some of her old memo pages to have her feelings reach through to Ayumu and have him back in control of his body, and his memories.

Well, that’s it for…

Wait… who the hell are you?! Oh, now you HAVE to make a third season, Kadokawa. And you better make it better than this one.

I suppose. Even though I was expecting a battle with Chris, no matter how anti-climatic I would expect it to be. But still, that’s okay.

The battle of Ayumu Aikawa is never-ending. But as long as those who deeply cares about him are at his side, he’ll overcome any challenge.

Well, that just about wraps it for Kore wa Zombie desu ka? of the Dead… Excuse me as I go cry to myself. 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。 Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!! Don’t go, Yuu!!!

Huh. Never thought of it that way. You’ve made me very happy right now.

I’ll see you soon, Yuu. 🙂 At least until Kadokawa makes a third season. Or until I get around to buying the DVDs. Or until I watch the OVA episodes. Or until I start reading the manga. Whichever comes first.

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