Pokémon Best Wishes! Season 1 Finale: That Girl is Poison

“We are The Koffings! We are here to sell out and make money and stuff!!

As it was revealed in BW82, Opelucid Gym is closed (Probably temporarily; I’m assuming the writers are saving Opelucid City for something else since it’s the last city before the Pokémon League.), so Ash and the group decide to head to Virbank City (Tachiwaki City) to challenge Roxie (Homika) and earn his eighth badge. She uses Poison-type Pokémon.

Part 1 starts with Ash pumped up for battle, when a trainer who had his mons beaten badly runs past him to the Pokémon Center. It turns out there are several other trainers who challenged Roxie only to have their Pokémon poisoned. Kinda makes you wonder if you have another jerkass gym leader like Lt. Surge on Ash’s hands now, doesn’t it?

Meanwhile, evil plotting is afoot. You will recall, since the Best Wishes! series started, Team Rocket became competent villains for once. Usually, their appearance means that something is goin’ down in the coming episodes. Here, I’m assuming their next plan involves capturing Meloetta, which first appeared in the previous episode.

The next day, Ash heads to the Virbank Gym, which is inconspicuousy located in an alley. Inside, they are greeted with really loud rock music produced by the Gym Leader, Roxie, and her band, The Koffings, who was already finishing up a battle with another trainer. So after the battle, Roxie greets Ash, and the crowd gives him really nasty looks…

Wow, what a rough crowd here.

Roxie appears quite ecstatic to see Pikachu, another Gen I Pokémon other than her Koffing, which she caught while on-tour at Kanto.

Yep, after 700+ episodes, Ash finally gets Koffing’s Pokédex information. He never bothered using it when James had his Koffing.

So after some property damage from Pikachu’s Thunderbolt, Roxie gets psyched up and accepts Ash’s challenge. So this is gonna be a 6-on-3 battle. Ash will use Pikachu, Pignite, Unfezant, Palpitoad, Boldore, and Leavanny against Roxie’s Koffing, Garbodor and Scolipede. Seems that Ash is using all his evolved Pokémon, save for Krokorok. The only downside here has to be Leavanny and it being the only one with a weakness to Poison.

The battle starts with Roxie using Koffing and Ash using Boldore. Boldore opens with Sandstorm. Apparently in the anime, damage from weather effects are represented by white bolts of lighting around the affected Pokémon. Anyway, Koffing uses Clear Smog to blow away the Sandstorm. Boldore attacks with Rock Blast, but Koffing uses Gyro Ball to attack Boldore. Another one takes out Boldore. Ash sends out Unfezant, which opens with a Quick Attack. Koffing counters with a Will-O-Wisp, which is blown back by Unfezant’s Gust. A Sludge Bomb from Koffing leaves Unfezant poisoned and after a couple of Gyro Balls, she goes down. Ash sends out Leavanny, which starts with an Energy Ball. Although it doesn’t do much damage, it does leave Koffing open to get caught by Leavanny’s String Shot and another Energy Ball, which takes out Koffing.

Roxie sends out Scolipede. Leavanny uses Razor Leaf, which does almost nothing and ends up getting badly poisoned by Scolipede’s Toxic. In Part 2, Scolipede takes out Leavanny using Rock Tomb and Sludge Bomb. Ash sends out Pignite, which opens out with a Flame Charge, which is negated by Scolipede’s Screech. After blocking a Sludge Bomb with Flamethrower, Pignite uses another Flame Charge, dealing a direct hit to Scolipede, but ends up badly poisoned by Toxic. However he manages to pull off a Fire Pledge to finish off Scolipede.

One thing that crack me up is the referee using Engrish when Roxie’s Pokémon are defeated. Like when Scolipede goes down, the ref goes like “OH NO!” 😀 So before Roxie sends out her last Pokémon, she throws Pignite a Pecha Berry, curing his poison. How generous of her to do that.

With Roxie down to her last Pokémon, Garbodor, she gets the crowd hyped up. Pignite starts the battle with Flame Charge, but Garbodor dodges it and attacks by slamming onto him and then using DoubleSlap.

Yeah, I don’t know where she got the drum from either, Cilan.

So for some reason, Iris went to go grab a drum to cheer on for Ash. Doesn’t do any good as Garbodor finishes off Pignite with a Hyper Beam. Ash then sends out Palpitoad. After a couple of hits and misses, Garbodor uses Gunk Shot, poisoning Palpitoad. After a couple of Venoshock attacks (Which does twice the damage on a poisoned target), Palpitoad goes down.

Ash sends Pikachu in as his last Pokémon. Garbodor uses DoubleSlap, but can’t catch Pikachu and gets its arms tied up. Pikachu coninues his offensive with a Quick Attack and Thunderbolt, but Garbodor unties its arms and starts laying a DoubleSlap and Gunk Shot on him, posioning him. And just when it seemed hopeless…

OK, WTF is up with the facepaint? Why is it on their hair?!

Cilan joins in on Iris’s cheering squad. Garbodor tries to use Venoshock, but it turns out that it’s been paralyzed by Pikachu’s Static ability. This gives Pikachu the moment to finish off Garbodor with a Thunderbolt and ElecBall. “OH MY GAH!” The ref actually said that, just so you know. 😀

And with the Toxic Badge, Ash now has eight badges, and just in time since the Unova League is coming in three months. That just about wraps it for this season. Stay tuned next week for the premiere of Pokémon Best Wishes! Season 2.

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