tsuritama #10: A Fish Called Haru

Why does wanted posters never get anyone’s faces right? I’m pretty sure Haru doesn’t have that kind of mean look on his face, and his hair doesn’t look right either.

Oh my God, this episode could not end in the worst possible way. Like seriously, what just happened

As Duck (which apparently stands for Defensive Universal Confidental Keepers) dries out Enoshima residents that were exposed by water infected by JFX and find Haru and JFX before the typhoon hits, Akira prepares to fish for JFX, but Tapioca tells him to get their friends to help him. Yes, Akira can somehow understand duck speak and takes advice from it.

Meanwhile, Yuki is trying to catch a taxi back to Enoshima.

Need to catch a taxi? Distort your face like this. Always guaranteed to work! 😉

Akira knocks out a few Duck members and fills Natsuki in about him being from Duck, and that they need to fish JFX out of the water. The old guy who informed Akira about the myth of the dragon tells them that fishing is the only way to take him out of the water. Akira and Natsuki tells everyone of their plan and convinces them to come with them.

And in a back-to-back moments of heartwarming, Natsuki not only calls Tamocchan “dad” but Sakura even gives him their mother’s bracelet.

In order to get JFX out, they need the lure that’s at the mayor’s place, Ayumi offers to get his boat and Misaki’s best fishing rod from her shop, and Akira gives out the ride to Enoshima.

So Yuki arrives to Enoshima and with Natsuki’s diversion, rushes over to where Haru is watering Kate’s plants and then does an epic Brightslap to Haru for not saying good-bye.

Haru tells Yuki that he and Koko came to retrieve JFX, but they can’t fish so they had Yuki to do it. They wanted to try to lure JFX away from Enoshima since they’re fishes, but that didn’t work and Koko ended up under JFX’s control. Haru then forced everyoune out of Enoshima so he can try to lure JFX out by himself before it regained control over him. Yuki talks some sense into him about since Haru wanted to go fishing with him, he started enjoying it. Yep, fishing leads to bromance.

Yuki, Haru, and Natsuki meet back up with everyone. Meanwhile, JFX appears right below a Duck battleship, which brainwashes everyone on board without using water! The one guy that’s unaffected bumps into the panel, sending one of the armed missiles flying towards Misaki’s shop, where Ayumi is!!!

Words cannot begin to describe my reaction to this cliffhanger… I mean, Goddamn! Something always has to go straight to Hell before the finale. One thing is sure, this is gonna be me for the next week.

Ayumi-chan…. 😦

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