Eureka Seven AO #9: Terror of the Deep

I wonder if Gazelle had an issue with the guy who took his passport photo. Maybe that’s why he looks disgruntled in his photo.

So because of the Japanese government’s failed attempts to obtain Nirvash, they decide to create an artificial Scub Burst. And Generation Bleu can’t allow Japan to get ahold of a Coral plant. Gazelle and his crew are sent into Japan to investigate how the Japanese government is using a Damaged Quartz or create a Coral plant, which causes a Secret to appear near the test site.

Love how Noah just sits there, not giving a fuck about what’s going on around them.

The government moves to capture the Secret. *sigh* Silly government. Don’t they know that trying to control a force that can’t ever imagine will only backfire on them? Anyway, Team Pied Piper is sent to collect the Quartz inside the Scub. Nirvash, Kyrie, and Alleluia are sent underwater. Due to the extreme water pressure, Georg (Generaton Bleu’s snide AI who supplies the majority of exposition in the series.) recommends that they remain in flight mode until the last minute. Collecting Quartz is basically what Generation Bleu’s top priority is up until now. Ao gets fed up with the fact that they ignoring civilain lives for the mission and heads off to deal with the Secret by himself.

A group of Japanese officials see Nirvash flying across. One of them is Truth in disguise, who blended in with the officials in order to have them lead him to Nirvash. Meanwhile, Gazelle’s crew ends up crashing into their car.

Y’know, “that guy from the bathroom” could be anybody. That kinda shows how lousy Truth is.

Fleur and Elena breaks into the Scub but find that there’s a high quantity of Damaged Quartz inside. It was from the remains of a Scub Burst that happened 70 years ago. As Truth states, a gathering of Quartz would cause it to explode and cause a Secret to appear. Meanwhile, Ao is dealing with not only the Secret, but water pressure damaging Nirvash. So by damaging Alleluia and Kyrie’s fuel tanks, Ao manages to expose the Secret and destroy it. However, Nirvash runs out of fuel and ends up giving out to the water pressure until Alleluia and Kyrie helps it get back above water.

So Ao figured out why the Secrets are after the Trapars, but he doesn’t really go into much detail about it, so it’s left up to specualtion. Meanwhile, Truth approaches Nakamura, the silly JSDF military officer that thought using Secrets as a weapon against their enemies was such a great idea, with an interesting proposition…

Man this episode was confusing, and Truth’s presence makes things even more confused. What is that guy’s plan anyway? :S

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