tsuritama #11: One Fish, Two Fish, Alien Fish, Goddess Fish

A 25-year old Indian MiB and his pet duck. The Fishing Prince. An alien fish. A red-headed guy with crazy social issues. Our heroes, ladies and gentlemen.

Well, I’ll be. Both this and Kids on the Slope are 1-cour noitaminA series with more than 11 episodes.

Well, Ayumi-chan survived and managed to grab Misaki’s fishing rod, but he’s in no condition to go anywhere. I had a feeling in my gut that he was alive. I don’t think this show could ever kill off anyone. The boys decide that they’ll go fish out JFX. Haru says that once they get JFX, he’s going to leave, but Ayumi and the others convince them to stay awhile so they can throw him a farewell party. So right when the boys are loading onto the boat, Duck officers stop them and capture Haru. Their boss tries to convince Akira that trying to capture JFX after it had taken control of their reinforcement ships is suicide, but Akira refuses to listen, despite that sympathizing with Haru means he loses his status as a Duck agent.


The boys escape from Duck and go off to get JFX. Haru uses his little triangle-halo thing. I suppose that’s to keep JFX from brainwashing them. Also, apparently he’s the goddess that subdued JFX in the past. I don’t know how that works, but whatever. Anyway, the huge gathering of fish is where JFX is hiding underneath.

Duck meets up at the shelter where Enoshima residents are and tells them that they need to move farther to avoid the approaching typhoon. However, Tamotsu convinces them to let them stay. Meanwhile, Yuki gets started on fishing for JFX. He can feel him touching the lure, but for some reason, he’s not going for it. At that very moment, Yuki realized something about Haru’s alien race…

They’re attracted to red things! So Yuki grabs a marker and colors the lure red. Meanwhile a news report is going on, showing that the boys are out in Enoshima.

Man, look at Yuki and Natsuki’s photos. They’re all like :\

In other words, the entire world now has its eyes on them. Yuki goes out once more and JFX goes for the bait. The Duck boss informs Akira that the typhoon is near and they’re running out of time. After that, Duck is going to launch anti-ship missiles on the vessels under JFX’s control so as to prevent any more casualties, even if it means sacrificing their comrades. Yuki is about to pull JFX out, but the lure breaks in half!!

As JFX’s triangle-halo expands across Enoshima, brainwashing virtually everyone, Haru goes and says this…


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