Toonami Schedule Update (6/28/2012): FLCL replaces Ghost in the Shell

FLCLMy rewatch pile is starting to build up this summer. I mean, I’m just fiddling around with Mobile Suit Gundam, watching Casshern Sins and Deadman Wonderland, planning to rewatch Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt soon, and now it seems that FLCL will have to tide me over until then. This couldn’t come any sooner since I was planning on rewatching it anyway.

[adult swim] updated their schedule yesterday and it seems that FLCL will be joining the Toonami block on August 4 once Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd Gig finishes its rerun. FLCL is one of the best OVA series ever and one of the best Gainax has to offer. If you’ve been watching [adult swim] for as long as I have, chances are you’ve probably seen it. It is one of their favorite anime, after all.

It’s one of those shows that in my opinion, gets better every time you watch it. And it also has one of my favorite anime soundtracks ever. If you haven’t watched it, you totally should.

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