Campione! (First Impressions)

I’ll be honest with you all: This show’s premise just rubs me the wrong way. I mean, a high school boy gets a harem after killing a God and gaining its powers? A harem, seriously?! Yeah, I just know that this is a series I should probably set my expectations to low. Can it prove me wrong? Let’s find out.

Campione! is an anime produced by Diomedea and Barnum Studio, which is adapted from the light novel by Jou Takezuki. The protagonist, Godou Kusanagi, is in Italy to return a stone tablet given to him by his grandfather to someone named Lucrezia Zora. Along the way, he encounters a woman named Erica Blandelli, who wants to take the tablet from him. All of a sudden, a rogue god attacks the town and Erica barely fights it off. These kinds of gods only appear as natural disasters to normal people. They deliver the tablet to Lucrezia, and after some drunken antics and accidental pervert moments later (Seriously, Godou is locked inside with a half-naked, wasted woman), Godou and Erica gets caught in between a fight between two gods named Melqart and Verethragnia. Using the tablet, Godou manages to take Verethragnia’s power and use it for himself.

OK, I appear to be right so far. Nothing from this episode seems to grab me. In fact, when I watched the episode, I just stared blankly at it. Other than just scoffing at the forced harem antic, that was it. Also, there was nothing setting up to that kiss at the end. The kiss for good luck I didn’t mind, but that last one just came outta the blue. I didn’t think it was a terrible first episode, but it wasn’t really all that interesing either. I’ll give it a few more episodes before I decide whether I should continue.

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